If he had lived, he'd be 64 today...

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Happy birthday, darling angel Joey!
In the meantime, please have some cute! :)

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RIP, beautiful Joey,

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Dear angel, you have brought so much joy to so many, and always will. I will love and miss you always.

jukebox_fest Dear Creator Letter

Well, hello dear, lovely creative person who got assigned challenging little me! Aren't you brave?

Seriously, though, I'm not requesting anything too weird or hard to do (I hope!)

My requestsCollapse )

Much love,
Schlitzie Ramone. :)

Long time no update. Sorry folks!

I've been pretty flat-out with real life lately, zombie-like, it seems to have devoured my brain. But in the meantime, have some cute!

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One of the most adorable film clips ever - Schlitzie in "Freaks" (1932). Apparently in the wedding feast scene in the movie, when Olga Baclanova had to act the part of the drunkenly laughing bride, Schlitzie found her performance so hilarious that he started giggling exuberantly - this cracked everyone else up with laughter too, and the scene stayed in the movie and has become legendary.
... and happy Valentine's Day for tomorrow if you celebrate it! :D

I wrote another Pepper/OFC story - it's safe for work and located here.

Happy happy happy....

Saw some great punk rock live gigs lately!!! Shonen Knife, Japanese female punk band, last week - and this last Saturday I saw CJ Ramone in his new solo act!!!

Yes, I can cross off the bucket list that I actually saw one of the remaining Ramones live. And got to meet him, shake his hand and get his autograph!

His backing band was awesome, his solo songs were pretty good, but we fans were there for the Ramones songs and CJ didn't disappoint. No "Pet Sematary" or "Pinhead", sadly, but there were plenty of other awesome classics. "Blitzkrieg Bop", "Commando," "I Wanna Be Sedated" and much more! It was kinda like the "first Ramones show" experience I never got to have. The roughest bunch in the mosh pit that developed later were the older fans, can you believe it (yes, dude with the gray beard and glasses, I'm looking at you ;) !!!) I think we were all 17 again for a few moments there! It's one of the best moments of my life, that's for sure. The only downer was that my friend took a picture of me and CJ with his phone but thanks to stupid tech issues it didn't come out. :( But still an awesome time and I'm all buzzy right now just thinking about it! :D

My icon is a cute little baby sloth today. Because Marky Ramone once nicknamed CJ "Baby Sloth" long ago, and because sloths are adorable (my newest virtual pet on my profile is a purple sloth! Hee hee! :D)

So, I created a community...

... for anyone who might be interested in the sort of things I've been posting of late. People like Schlitzie, the Snow family, and of course Pepper and many others, both real and fictional.

They came before Pepper, so the community is of course called beforepepper.

Happy birthday, dearest kattidya!!!


I got Freaks fic for Yuletide! *squees*

I am totally in love with my gift! Not only did I get one of the fandoms of my heart - Freaks (1932) - and now there is fic written in the fandom that isn't by me - the characterization is spot on and it's so cute and sweet and beautiful! The title is "Divertissement" and it's here:


The writer has completely captured the essence of dear Schlitzie, Elvira, Jenny Lee and Phroso (and there are cameos from some of their other carnival performer friends too! YAY!). *purrs happily and feels like I did as a little girl when finding a doll under the Christmas tree*

If you're a Freaks fan and love cute happy stories I do suggest you read this ASAP! :)


Sweet Carol Anne
Schlitzie Ramone

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