Dear Yuletide Writer Letter 2014

HK Angel Teaparty by creamilicandy
Hello, dear brave Yuletide writer!

I'm always a challenge, aren't I? And this year I'm doing something different, yet again. I'm choosing three new fandoms that I've never requested before, putting aside other beloved canons for now as I am currently obsessed with these three.

My only DO NOT WANT this year refers to angst and unhappy endings, please do NOT write either of these. Keep it cute, happy and fun, otherwise I am quite flexible!!!

On to the requests!!!

What I want for Yuletide!Collapse )

Much respect and love,
Schlitzie Ramone AKA sweetcarolanne.


Happy 13th birthday, my darling kitty!

Hello Kitty by in_a_turnstile
My sweet cat Serj is 13 years old today.

He may be an old kitty now, but he's still the cutest in the world to me! :)

I love you, Serjie. xxx
Schlitzie & Snow Sisters & Madame T
 photo untitled-9.png

Today, September 30th, is Microcephaly Awareness Day.

Kimono Hello Kitty by hobbitholes
Hi there, writer or artist! :)
My requests are going to be pretty general so you can be as creative as you please. I'll post a list of optional things I'd like for you to pick and choose from, and things I do NOT want. These will cover all the fandoms I chose and can apply to tricks and treats alike!

Things I'd enjoy seeing in fic or art:

Romance and/or friendship (For romance I prefer slash and femslash to het, usually. But I am quite happy with gen! I do like sweet friendship stories too).
Happy or at least hopeful endings
Humor, jokes and fun - maybe pranks if my gift is a trick!
Slightly spooky, creepy Halloween themes
Cats, can be black or any other color!
Circuses and sideshows
Cute or scary clowns
Yummy things to eat
Characters being awesome
Monsters, cute or scary
People taking care of one another


Death of any of my nominated characters
Unhappy endings
Anything too grim and lacking in hope
Anyone who's good and sweet (e.g. Joey Ramone, Pinhead Zip AKA Elvira Snow, Pinhead Pip AKA Jenny Lee Snow, Phroso or Schlitze) turning evil
Tona of gore (a good scare is fine, but nothing squicky please!)
Any harm coming to the cats mentioned in List One!!!

That's about it, really. Have fun!

ETA: Fandoms and characters I've requested:

Freaks (1932): Phroso, Schlitze. Elvira Snow/Pinhead Zip, Jenny Lee Snow/Pinhead Pip.
The Ramones: Joey Ramone, Johnny Ramone, Dee Dee Ramone, Marky Ramone.
Whip It (2009): Bliss Cavendar, Iron Maven, Maggie Mayhem, Eva Destruction.

Remembering Johnny Ramone, 1948-2004

Ramones by sophie_mcrose
Ten years ago, on this day, Johnny Ramone sadly passed away to join his bandmates Joey and Dee Dee in Rock N'Roll Heaven (and recently, Tommy got called to be an angel too).

I don't share Johnny's political views, but I respect him very much as a musician. It wouldn't have been the Ramones without him.

RIP, tough guy. Your fans all miss you!

Johnny Ramone's very last interview, on YouTube.

Rare photo of Elvira and Clayton Snow

Schlitzie &amp; Snow Sisters &amp; Madame T
So beautiful!Collapse )

This is the actual text that accompanied the picture, which seems to be a promotional flyer of sorts for the siblings' circus act, or maybe a newspaper advertisement:

Zippo & Flippo
Elvira Snow and Clayton Snow, Brother and Sister, better known to the show going people as Zippo and Flippo.
Elvira was born in Hartwell, Ga. in 1900 - Clayton, the brother was born in 1907.
They come from a family of six children, three normal and three in this condition.
Parents are normal.
Their first appearance in show business was with World Circus Sideshow, Coney Island,
New York in 1928, and have been there ever since.
In spite of their condition, they are happy, healthy and contented and wonderful entertainers.
They are under the management of their own normal brother, Cliff Snow. Come in and see us sometime.
We Thank You
Zippo & Flippo

There are some errors in this - Elvira was actually born in 1901 and in 1928 Jenny Lee was still alive and part of the act (I'm not sure if Clayton was in the circus at that stage with his sisters as all the earlier Snow sibling pictures are of Elvira and Jenny Lee) - and the language is a little condescending - but this is a lovely picture. :)
Joey with mic stand by pyre_icons
Shirtless Joey RamoneCollapse )

So hot - just like I imagined him!

Want to start writing again and soon! :)

More sad news from the music world...

Sweet Carol Anne
Another musician I've been a huge fan of for ages, Johnny Winter, has died.

I'd always hoped I could see him perform some day - another dream shattered.

RIP, Sweet Papa John. You will be missed.

No, no, no! Not Tommy too!

The Ramones by pyre_icons
Tommy Ramone is dead.

I'm in shock. I'm in tears.

All the original members are in heaven now.



Sweet Carol Anne
Schlitzie Ramone

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