Joey with mic stand by pyre_icons
Shirtless Joey RamoneCollapse )

So hot - just like I imagined him!

Want to start writing again and soon! :)

More sad news from the music world...

Sweet Carol Anne
Another musician I've been a huge fan of for ages, Johnny Winter, has died.

I'd always hoped I could see him perform some day - another dream shattered.

RIP, Sweet Papa John. You will be missed.

No, no, no! Not Tommy too!

The Ramones by pyre_icons
Tommy Ramone is dead.

I'm in shock. I'm in tears.

All the original members are in heaven now.


I do so love darling Schlitzie!

Phroso/Schlitzie by thedarkmaterial
Here's the little sweetheart in another movie role, in the crime drama Meet Boston Blackie (1941):

Schlitzie the Movie Star

And here's a picture of the little darling performing magic tricks, plus another adorable performance shot. Multi-talented as well as cute! <3

Schlitzie PerformingCollapse )

Snow Angels

Schlitzie &amp; Snow Sisters &amp; Madame T
Here is little Elvira Snow, star of the 1932 movie Freaks, southern belle from Georgia.

Coney Island Sideshow. See Elvira about 1.40 minutes.

This clip was from around the 1940s. Sadly Elvira's baby sister Jenny Lee, who also starred in Freaks with Elvira and the great Schlitzie Surtees, passed away in 1934. But brother Clayton had replaced her in the act by the 1940s when this was filmed. He appears in this clip and seems a lot shyer than his older sister Elvira, but he is still very cute, as all the Snow siblings were. There were apparently 6 children in the family, 3 "pinheads" and 3 "normal".

I love you, Snow angel darlings.

Schlitzie's big scene (from Freaks, 1932)

Phroso/Schlitzie All Mine by thedarkmate
This was the scene that has given me all sorts of fic ideas, and got me stuck on the idea of a Phroso/Schlitzie pairing. A pairing I can write old-fashioned, if quirky, romance for. The scene also features sisters Elvira and Jenny Lee Snow.

Schlitzie's big scene

And also: Dear stupid LJ. Please stop deleting comments when I am trying to reply to them! I LIKED that comment and did NOT want to delete it!!! Joey the sweet, sweaty, shy, blushing, slutty little angel is a darling image!!! Not happy with you, LJ!!!

Pictures for thedarkmaterial for icons

Angel Carol Anne
Thank you so much! I am eternally grateful to you for offering to make me icons and if you like will endeavour to write something for you if it's in one of my fandoms! Just ask and I will give it a go! :) Desired text is underneath each pic. :)

Under cutCollapse )

There may be some more at a later date but these are fine for now. Again, thank you so much, you rock! <3


Hello Kitty by in_a_turnstile
If anyone can help, will be very grateful and willing to write you something!

Will upload the pics next post if someone is able to help me. <3


All The Way, Ramones RPS, Joey/Marky, NC-17

Cute Joey by sophie_mcrose
Finally I completed my belated birthday fic for Joey!

It's here.


Sweet Carol Anne
Schlitzie Ramone

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