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Yes, darling Joey left us to go to heaven on this day 13 years ago. I love and miss him always.

Here's some sweet Joey-ness under the cut.

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Also here are two fics: a fluffy Joey Ramone/Marky Ramone slash one. Warnings for mentions of sex, a little sadness (but a happy ending) and of course, tons of fluff!

I Wanna Be Well

And this one is a gen fic, written to commemorate the death of, and celebrate the life of, Joey Ramone. Warnings for angst and suicidal thoughts - but again, the ending is happy! Joey comes down from heaven to give hope to a sad young fan.

Something To Believe In
Swimming Joey by pyre_icons
Cat's getting better. Trying to write... and mind's sort of gone poof. So here's a pretty pic of Joey Ramone with a cat while I try to think of a better post. Must go to work soon.

Joey and kitty Spats

More cat updates!

Hello Kitty by in_a_turnstile
Serj is continuing to improve in health. He's exercising by chasing his cat toys around the place like a big kitten. Cute and funny to watch and therapeutic for him all at once! :D
It's here. Joey/Johnny with Joey as the submissive, warnings for rough sex, deep-throating, spanking, begging, and pizza. LOL.

I am a naughty brat.

Things N' Stuff!

Hello Kitty Roller Derby
Thanks for all the good wishes about Serj the Cat! <3 Sorry for late replies but life has been off the wall lately, so busy!

And a thousand apologies if you're someone I usually send a Valentine's card to - not sending any this year as it sort of sneaked up on me with all the busy-ness, but if you have a drabble request I'll do my best to write something for you in a reasonable time frame!

In the meantime, speaking of romantics - I'll share with you this lovely page featuring one of my favourite romantic types, the lovely Joey Ramone. <3

Further good news on the cat! :D

Kimono Hello Kitty by hobbitholes
The cage rest is history! Serj is allowed to run around (still inside though) all he wants and is a very happy boy!

Good news on the cat front!!!

HK Angel Teaparty by creamilicandy
Serj had an operation to remove the metal splint from his leg yesterday. A few more days of cage rest and then he'll be allowed to run around - but inside - again.

I am so happy I am lost for words! My baby is getting better!!!
I couldn't resist trying my hand at a Joey Ramone/Johnny Ramone slash fic... it's here over at Archive of Our Own and at - my nom de plume there is Zoya Darien. Rated Adult, with warnings for sex, mild D/s and mental health issues themes.

I hope Ramones fans and others won't be too offended, no one has to read it if they disapprove. But the plot bunnies won't stop coming!

I have my "baby" at last! SQUEE!

So, I tried to get one of those Joey Ramone action figures (as pictured here) a while ago from a local collectibles online shopping service... and they couldn't get one. I was devastated for a while, because I so wanted one, and recently was lucky enough to find a new in the package reasonably priced one on Ebay! And now he's here! *dances with glee*

I won't be taking mine out of the package though, for protective purposes, though I have no intention of ever selling him. He's being displayed with pride of place on my shelf... I found out also that a few years ago am earlier 12" Joey figure was released, but I won't be getting that one. It's super rare and expensive now and looks more like a cartoonist's impression of him. The one I have is smaller but more realistic looking.

I love him! <3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333
Hello Cthulhu by hoivenicons
This was my contribution to Yuletide 2013. Hope some of you will enjoy this! :)

Title: Chaos Crawls
Author: Kitty Ramone
Fandom: H.P. Lovecraft/Cthulhu Mythos
Genre: Slash
Pairing/Characters: Nyarlathotep/OMC, Original Non-Human Narrator
Disclaimer: Don’t own ‘em, no profit, suing is futile!
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2,024
Warnings: Sex and some mild violence, horror themes
Summary: A young dreamer falls prey to the Crawling Chaos Nyarlathotep. But help is at hand from an unseen source...

Chaos CrawlsCollapse )


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