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Thoughts on Saw V... will contain spoilers

So, just came back from seeing Saw V...

It wasn't a brilliant movie, but it wasn't as terrible as a lot of people made out in reviews. There was blood, the traps were pretty impressive, Billy the puppet was his scary self and Tobin Bell looks damn cute in glasses. It was mainly for his sake I saw the film anyway.

As a slash and other fanfics writer, was there anything that gave me plotbunnies? Well, yes and no... still will keep writing John/Zep and John/Amanda/Zep AUs. There's still scope I feel. I, as always, wish Zep had been kept as a recurring character instead of Hoffman being there, but Hoffman's still an interesting character. I did wonder if the emphasis on emotional detachment, the "heart never being involved" was mainly there as just a way to explain John's philosophy or if the writers were trying to surreptitiously discourage any John/Hoffman slash. I know that the creators, writers and actors of many fandoms are aware of us slash writers and some are OK with us and some aren't. Though I would be curious to see such a plotline though in fanfic - don't know if I want to be one of the pioneer writers of John/Hoffman as a pairing, seeing as I got so much flak over my John/Zep. Will think about that one...

That emotional detachment did give me some fuel for AU stories though... how much it would hurt to develop that detachment for John to test Zep and Amanda, and the joy of re-connecting with them should they pass their tests... hmm.
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