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Some ramblings while I try to write drabble requests!

OK - have you ever come across occasions when life imitates art? Some coincidences which are just too weird?

Tonight I was watching a British TV showcalled "Haunted Homes" about paranormal investigations of allegedly haunted houses. A woman and her two young daughters were being disturbed by a very noisy ghost that made loud banging noises, moved objects and pushed people downstairs. Now here's the odd bit:

- the ghost seemed most drawn to, and communicated with, the little blonde five-year-old girl. It spoke to her on numerous occasions, including over her sister's baby monitor. Very like Poltergeist's little heroine, Carol Anne Freeling - in the film, the ghosts initially contacted her through the TV.

- What is also very weird - the "Haunted Homes" child was called Carly Beth, a double-barrelled name eerily reminiscent of Carol Anne's. And the mother's name was Heather - Carol Anne was played by the late actress Heather O'Rourke.

A series of very odd coincidences indeed!
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