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OMFG dreams! *giggles*

Yes, we all know I prefer women, but there's the occasional celebrity male or fictional character guy who turns my head now and again. So... wrote a self-insert (femdom of course) fic about Ben Linus from Lost and a certain Carol Anne Caiafa for the bens_bookclub community... *giggles* A little nervy about posting it here, but will if people are interested...

The weird thing is, it's given me bizarre dreams! About Ben Linus and I adopting a baby together - a kid with tentacles! Yes, folks, we end up raising ourselves a little Cthulhu spawn! :O

How the hell did that happen? LMAO!

I should post more of my fics here - have quite a few Saw and Batman ones lying around...
Tags: ben linus, cthulhu, dreams, fandom, femdom, lost, saw, weird
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