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Advertising the angelfiends ficlet exchange!

The sign-up post for the annual ficlet exchange for the community angelfiends, a Saw fanfiction comm focussing mainly on John and Zep, has just gone up! So if you would like to participate, please go over there and sign up (non-members will have to join the community to be a part of the exchange). Although the comm is primarily a John/Zep shipping community, it's not compulsory to request them as a pairing if they're not your thing - you can request either or both paired with someone else if you desire, or ask for no pairings at all, even, as long at least one of the two is a main character. Slash, het and gen are all welcome, and any rating is allowed!

The sign-up post is over here.

Whee! :D
Tags: angelfiends, fan fiction, john/zep
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