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Fandom thinky thoughts

OK. I've heard a lot of people on the internet claim lately that female characters writing male slash = erasure of women.

I write a lot of male slash and I will keep doing so, because I love the characters.

I do write some het and femmeslash pairings, too, because I love the characters.

I would write more females and het pairings, perhaps... if I enjoyed the sex...

Sadly, I do not enjoy getting penetrated (unless there are tentacles. O HAI WEIRD TENTACLE FETISH IA FHTAGN). And I prefer to be the one in control... Which makes it hard for me to identify with the woman in most het sex scenes. I can't be him and I don't want to be her. Hard to find a place to fit, yet again. If maybe there was more pegging and femdom out there I would participate more?

I know romance doesn't necessitate sex. I'm happy to both write and read fics without it. But I can't stop thinking deep down somewhere, who's gonna do whom???

Probably I am very fail for even thinking of this. But... yeah.

I don't want to erase anybody and I love a lot of characters regardless of gender. I have roleplayed characters of a variety of sexual expressions and genders...

So... yeah. It's all about the characters for me in the end. And I wish it wasn't about who fills whom, but it kind of is. Except when it isn't.

Sorry for the confusion.

ETA: And sorry for the incoherence. Just a few thoughts after the latest metafandom brouhaha!
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