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Random cute pic I found on DeviantArt! Rated G, and adorable!

Kraken as a Baby, by warrioronlydude

Davy Jones (Pirates of the Caribbean) enjoys - sort of - a tender moment with his pet baby Kraken! Total cuteness.

On the subject of tentacles and other things... I was wondering if I should be creating another journal for my explicit fics and some of my, er, weirder fantasies now that this LJ is read by people who know me IRL. But I think people already know that stuff about me by now as they've kept me friended after reading this journal, and I don't go around talking about my more, er, unusual interests IRL as it wouldn't be appropriate to do so, so if I do post anything that's likely to be seen as TMI, squicky, weird, very explicit and/or "totally out there", I'll just put lots of warnings about it, that if it's not people's cup of tea they can feel free to skip it. That ought to work. :D

I may be re-doing the layout of this journal soon, too.
Tags: cute, davy jones, fic, friends, kraken, pirates of the caribbean, random, tentacles
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