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My first attempt at POTC fic!!! Cradle Song, PG-13, gen

Title: Cradle Song
Author: Carol Anne Caiafa/sweetcarolanne
Fandom(s): Pirates of the Caribbean/a little touch of Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairing(s): Davy Jones, Calypso, The Kraken, Cutler Beckett
Summary: The Kraken was more than just a pet to Davy Jones. And heartless though he is, it’s a strange act of love that helps him to avenge her.
Warnings: Angst, character deaths, implied violence, slightly AU-ish
Word Count: 300
Disclaimer: I own nothing, don’t sue, etc. etc.
A/N: For the prompt “family” from potc_drabbles. This was partly inspired by a cartoon I saw of Davy Jones with a baby Kraken, although this is a lot more serious than that was. And though it’s officially a hermaphrodite, I usually tend to write the Kraken as a girl (since among giant cephalopods in real life, the really big ‘uns tend to be the girls!!!)

In the beginning, Davy Jones was more than willing to become Calypso’s, to accept her love on her terms. His passion was for the sea, after all – already he saw himself as its embodiment. The only regret that he had about doing the bidding of his goddess was that he would never become a father.

But then she had given him the Kraken, and that one regret was gone.

No offspring was ever more faithful and obedient – never had Jones known such devotion as from the great beast. Whenever he summoned her, she would be there for him. She gave protection and did his bidding, and in his dreams she spoke to him, assuring him of her allegiance and her love.

She stayed with him of her own free will when Calypso betrayed them both.

When Cutler Beckett gained possession of the chest containing Jones’s heart and ordered Jones to kill the Kraken, it was like being asked to slay his own child. He had almost refused – how could he harm the one being still dear to him? But as he slept and dreamed, she told him that she knew it was her time, and that the sands would soon run out for Jones as well.

Let me go, the ancient one had whispered to him as he slumbered fitfully. And let them come…

And Jones had understood. Her part of the curse that bound them had been lifted, and already her tiny, glimmering spawn waited and grew stronger in the safety of a coral reef.

Beckett might seek to rule the ocean, but in the end all his plans and schemes would avail him naught. Already the nascent fiends were clamouring to wreck and kill, and Jones would see to it that their early needs were properly met.
Tags: davy jones, drabbles, fic, gen, kraken, pirates of the caribbean
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