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Gift drabble for kleine_teekanne - Cthulhu and the Demon Lovers - Soft R

Here's your drabble request, kleine_teekanne! Hope you like this! <3 And a happy holiday season and awesome New Year to EVERYONE!!!

Title: Cthulhu and the Demon Lovers
Author: Kitty Ramone
Fandom: Biblical Slash/H.P. Lovecraft/Cthulhu Mythos
Genre: Slash
Pairing: Lucifer/Gabriel, Raphael/Asmodeus, Cthulhu/Angels (unconsummated)
Disclaimer: Don’t own ‘em, no profit, suing is futile!
Rating: Soft R to be safe
Word Count: 676
Warnings: Implied tentacle sex, religious imagery, blasphemy (religious believers may be offended by the content within)
Summary: The denizens of Hell take a sinister, and seductive, new form...

"So it is true, then?"

Raphael's eyes widened as he regarded his brother angel, not wanting to believe what he had just heard, yet fascinated all the same. Craving to know more as he closed his eyes as if to blot out the horrors Gabriel had just spoken of, yet in fact he was trying to picture in his mind the new forms of the Fallen Ones. These new bodies must be terrifying - Raphael and Gabriel themselves had seen the Great Cthulhu and his star-spawn so many aeons ago, as the Great Old One had negotiated with their Heavenly Father to send a flood to purge sin from the world, instead of a scorching wind bringing raging fires to strip all life from the surface of the earth, thus sparing the many children of the Old Ones who slept in the ocean depths. The image of Cthulhu that the angels had seen was merely a soul-projection, an echo of Cthulhu in his dead but dreaming state, but even in that limited incarnation the Lord of R'lyeh has been able to gaze upon the radiant beauty of the angelic hosts with a strange desire. He had seemed hideous at first glance compared to the ethereal loveliness of the angels, yet there was an eerie seductiveness about the fluid movements of those many sinuous, undulating tentacles that adorned the visage of the Great One.

Gabriel nodded, his long white hair falling in his face as he tried to avert his eyes, lest they betray what he was feeling. But Raphael could sense his fellow Archangel's emotions anyway, and by now he too was feeling an odd sort of simultaneous repulsion and a need to know more, to explore what all this might mean.

"It has already come to pass. Cthulhu has managed to delay the devastation of Armageddon by achieving what none of Heaven's children have so far managed to do. He has brokered a deal with the Fallen, allowing them to taste the bizarre delights and eldritch powers of the Great Old Ones for a time, in return for holding off on their attack. He has let them know what it is like to exist as a creature that is neither mortal, angel or demon, to move through their dimensions as no being who is not of Cthulhu's realm has ever been able to do before. But in order to do so..." Gabriel looked into the eyes of Raphael again, trembling with a palpable terror and... something else. Gabriel's gaze revealed an intensity of passion rivalled only by the lustful glance of Cthulhu on that fateful day so long ago. "The Fallen have taken on the shape and form of Cthulhu and his kin."

"You have seen them?" Raphael gasped as Gabriel nodded again, a tear sliding down over his cheek. The albino Archangel bowed his head as he whispered, "I sought them out. I had to see for myself. You know what Lucifer and I once were to each other, before he fell... and how, despite myself, I was so drawn to Cthulhu when I first saw him. It was the tentacles - they were so fearsome, yet alluring. I had to know if Lucifer had become the same. And when I saw him, I couldn't resist him - we came together again, in the old way, but with those marvellous tentacles all wrapped around me, moving within me..." Gabriel sighed deeply, his snowy wings quivering as he murmured, "If to desire such creatures is a sin, my brother, then truly I am a sinner in Heaven's sight!"

Raphael could not speak, but his green eyes were full of understanding and compassion, and the hand he laid upon Gabriel's shivering shoulder was a reassuring one. He knew that Gabriel could tell what was on his mind. If Lucifer had opted for the transformation and the new powers that it held, then Raphael's former beloved, Asmodeus, would have too. It would be only a matter of time before Raphael succumbed to the same temptation as Gabriel.
Tags: angels, cthulhu, cthulhu mythos, drabbles, holidays, requests
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