Schlitzie Ramone (sweetcarolanne) wrote,
Schlitzie Ramone


Best Birthday EVER on Saturday!

SO, my best friend bought me a ticket to the Misfits concert for my birthday which happened to fall on the exact day, last Saturday. They were even better than when I saw them in 2006, if that is humanly possible. Consider my mind blown yet again! I still adore metal but I am officially back in love with punk, between these guys and the late great Ramones...

And you are not gonna believe this - but I KISSED JERRY ONLY!!! Nope, not in a dream or fantasy, but for realsies. Just a peck on the cheek but still!!!

After the gig Jerry came off stage into the crowd, for photos and meeting fans and signing stuff... my best friend got his ticket signed and I got a tour poster I'd bought at the venue signed, some of the other girls there were hugging and kissing him so I dared to give him a kiss on the cheek before I said "thank you" and sped off giggling like a schoolgirl; I cannot believe I did that!

I am still on Cloud 9!!! W00T!!!
Tags: awesomesauce, beautiful, celebrities, fangirling, friends, jerry only, misfits, oh my sweet cthulhu, omfg
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