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Can't believe I wrote this... I'm not even much familiar with the fandom!

... but it was irresistible. Freaks (1932 film) - Phroso/Schlitzie, inspired by their big scene together in the movie. It's just a first attempt but it may lead to me writing more if it isn't too badly received.

I've always wanted to write for this fandom, from what I've watched of the film on YouTube, and was drawn to the dynamic between these two characters during their "big scene" together. I wanted to write something romantic that wasn't fetishizing or Othering. I hope I haven't done too badly with my attempt!

I classify this under both slash and het as although Schlitzie Surtees was born male, he plays a female character in the movie and had a distinct preference for wearing dresses throughout his lifetime, always becoming happy and excited when presented with a new dress.

Tags: fan fiction, het, microcephaly, new fandom, phroso, phroso/schlitzie, schlitzie, slash
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