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Snow Angels

Here is little Elvira Snow, star of the 1932 movie Freaks, southern belle from Georgia.

Coney Island Sideshow. See Elvira about 1.40 minutes.

This clip was from around the 1940s. Sadly Elvira's baby sister Jenny Lee, who also starred in Freaks with Elvira and the great Schlitzie Surtees, passed away in 1934. But brother Clayton had replaced her in the act by the 1940s when this was filmed. He appears in this clip and seems a lot shyer than his older sister Elvira, but he is still very cute, as all the Snow siblings were. There were apparently 6 children in the family, 3 "pinheads" and 3 "normal".

I love you, Snow angel darlings.
Tags: angels, circus, clayton snow, elvira snow, freaks, jenny lee snow, microcephaly, pinhead, schlitzie, sideshow
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