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Dear Yuletide Writer Letter 2014

Hello, dear brave Yuletide writer!

I'm always a challenge, aren't I? And this year I'm doing something different, yet again. I'm choosing three new fandoms that I've never requested before, putting aside other beloved canons for now as I am currently obsessed with these three.

My only DO NOT WANT this year refers to angst and unhappy endings, please do NOT write either of these. Keep it cute, happy and fun, otherwise I am quite flexible!!!

On to the requests!!!

Fandom 1. Freaks (1932)

What has always delighted me about this movie is not the cult-horror aspects but the depiction of people with differences, people I've always identified with, as being regular folks, those called freaks and those called non-freaks alike, with their own loving and accepting community in the circus. I've become fascinated by the "pinheads" in particular - there's such a beauty and sweetness about them.

I particularly like the way Phroso the Clown relates to Schlitze, Elvira and Jenny Lee. I would love a fic that's sort of a "day in the life" story of the four of them doing something fun together, perhaps going shopping in Paris or going on a picnic, or some other such activity. Cute and funny occurrences are welcomed and encouraged along the way! I myself actually write Phroso/Schlitze as a tender, old-fashioned romantic pairing (I tend to see Schlitze as a trans woman, especially in the movie), but I understand if you can't write romance, dear author. Friendship fic is equally welcomed and loved! :) And I'm happy if you want to use variant spellings for Schlitze's name. I tend to use "Schlitzie" but I'm fine with the official version of "Schlitze" too!

Fandom 2. The Ramones

I totally love this band and would adore a story that's centered around Joey, my favorite Ramone - it could be about touring, recording, performing, just having fun or anything at all! I especially love stories where someone is being good and kind to Joey, taking care of him and seeing he gets what he needs - happy fluff basically. I love Joey being depicted (once you get beyond his shyness) as a smart, funny, tender-hearted and very sweet guy, physically frail from time to time but generous and strong of heart. I prefer slash to het in this fandom if you want to write romance, but as I said above I am happy to have a friendship story too! :) Basically, reading about a happy Joey and the Ramones rocking out and being awesome makes me a very ecstatic reader! :)

Fandom 3. Zippy the Pinhead

If possible, I'd love something centered around a "the holidays in Dingburg" sort of theme. Opportunties for seasonal surrealism abound! What gifts would Zippy and family get each other? How many Hostess products would be consumed? Would Zippy and Zerbina forget they're married with children as they sometimes do before all finally ends happily, if bizarrely? I see this as more of a gen family story than anything else, though I don't mind if Zips and Zerbs have a kiss or two somewhere in there, they are married after all (when they remember!) and they are both so darn cute! Random acts of fun and lashings of taco sauce are both welcomed and loved for this story!!!

Much respect and love,
Schlitzie Ramone AKA sweetcarolanne.
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