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Fic for 10_inspirations, Desolate Moon, Friday the 13th, Pamela/Jason, R

Title: Desolate Moon
Author: Carol Anne Caiafa
Fandom: Friday the 13th
Pairing: Jason Voorhees/Pamela Voorhees
Summary: Somehow, Jason knows he has to find a way to bring his mother back from death…
Warnings: Implied adult mother/son incestuous feelings, horror violence, general creepiness, AU
Rating: R
Word Count: 673
10_inspirations Prompt: Writings #3, “There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls”.
Disclaimer: Don’t own ‘em, no profit, suing is futile!
A/N: This is rather dark and squicky – if things like this upset you, then don’t click the link!

The girl fled through the woods, foolish in her fear, making noise and uttering sharp screams. Only the cold glow of the moon illuminated the way before her, and it cast more shadows than light before her frightened eyes. She made it all too easy for her pursuer, so steady and determined, to track her and wear her down. In a mere few moments the hulking, monstrous figure of her tormentor loomed above her. He left her only time for one last shriek of terror before the machete’s keen blade struck off her head.

Her male companion already lay lifeless beside the lake, his body bloodstained and dismembered. Neither of these careless youngsters had heeded the words of others; they had not listened to the legends of Camp Blood, the stories of Crystal Lake and of Jason Voorhees. Young lust had made them reckless, and they had paid for their stupidity with their lives.

Something about the girl’s severed head caught Jason’s eye, and he bent down to pick it up, and lifted it for a closer look. Her face and the dead stare of her eyes did not interest him, but her hair was the same shade of blonde that his mother’s had been. He dropped the head as if it was burning him, suddenly rocked by grief and sorrow.

His beloved angel of a Mommy – how he missed her! She was the only person who had ever shown him love. And now she was dead. He killed in her memory, cutting down the filthy people who did things that she would disapprove of. The spilled blood fed his rage, but even the bloodiest of rampages, killing till his machete dripped with streams of gore, could never restore Pamela Voorhees to life.

He remembered the few rare happy moments of his childhood, which were all about his Mommy and her love for him, and his for her… the caresses of her hands upon his face, her feather-light kisses and her whispered words of adoration. His deformity meant that he was mocked and shunned by many, but in the eyes of his Mommy he was beautiful and more perfect than any other child ever born. She had loved him so intensely, so completely, that there was no room in their hearts for anybody else. And as he stood above the truncated corpse of his latest victim, in the dark and lonely woods with the frigid moon shining down upon him, he felt a loss sharper than his own blade pierce him. If he had had a voice he would have screamed aloud in misery, howling like a maddened beast until the desolate moon itself echoed with his cries.

Sometimes she seemed so close to him, as if she was watching over him and guiding him along his way of vengeance. He could have sworn that sometimes she spoke to him, telling him to slay all in his path. Whether he heard a ghostly voice or had merely fallen prey to illusion he knew not, but he obeyed her commands as if she was still alive and he was a tiny child again. Beneath the bleak moonlight he recalled the fragrance of her skin and the texture of her hair beneath his fingers, and these memories stirred something in him that had never been there when he was a boy. It was as if the love he had always felt for her had increased tenfold, and his body responded to that love in unfamiliar, but strangely exciting ways.

Tentatively Jason bent to retrieve the teenage girl’s head; he laid aside his machete for a moment as he held the head and began to stroke the hair. It even felt like Mommy’s, and the strange ache inside him grew stronger.

There had to be some way to get Mommy back. Jason himself had died and returned, so why not Pamela? If there was a way to resurrect her, he would find it.

Until then, there was only Jason, death and the coldness of the moon.


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Sep. 6th, 2009 03:18 am (UTC)
Oh god, that was beautiful, in a marvelously messed up manner of course. I watched the Friday the 13th remake last night, I liked the parts about Jason and Pamela, but I found the bits focusing on the victims' shenanigans a bit tiresome. Do any of the other movies explore Jason and Pamela's history more deeply?
Sep. 6th, 2009 06:51 am (UTC)
Thank you - I am so happy you liked this! I definitely will be writing more of these now I know that someone likes them! :)

Of the movies I have watched in recent times, "Jason Goes to Hell", "Freddy vs. Jason" and the original Friday the 13th films 1-3 go into Jason and Pamela's history a bit more... I so totally love the two of them together, but I am weird like that... :D
Sep. 7th, 2009 03:37 am (UTC)
Oh yay! :D

That's the sort of weird I can certainly relate to
Sep. 8th, 2009 08:33 am (UTC)
Thanks! :D
( 4 Blitzkrieg Boppers — I wanna be sedated )


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