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Some spoilers for American Horror Story: Freak Show I've come across - and more plotbunnies!

Plot summary of Pepper's Very Special Episode here:

Well, so sad about poor Salty! *cries* But great to see more of Pepper and to have her innocence confirmed regarding her nephew's death. Interesting factoid there - everyone assumed that Salty and Pepper were siblings, perhaps even twins, but apparently they were not biologically related and were even pseudo "married". I've made minor edits in all my fics that mention Salty, but I've left in some other minor details and plot points that are probably no longer canon compliant, as I don't want to do major re-writes and the stories still work, pretty much. However, this turn of events has given me all sorts of plot ideas for future stories, Angel-verse and otherwise. Expect more Peppery goodness soon! I so want to see Freak Show!!! :)
Tags: american horror story, circus, fan fiction, freaks, pepper, pinhead, salty, writing
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