Schlitzie Ramone (sweetcarolanne) wrote,
Schlitzie Ramone

I got Freaks fic for Yuletide! *squees*

I am totally in love with my gift! Not only did I get one of the fandoms of my heart - Freaks (1932) - and now there is fic written in the fandom that isn't by me - the characterization is spot on and it's so cute and sweet and beautiful! The title is "Divertissement" and it's here:

The writer has completely captured the essence of dear Schlitzie, Elvira, Jenny Lee and Phroso (and there are cameos from some of their other carnival performer friends too! YAY!). *purrs happily and feels like I did as a little girl when finding a doll under the Christmas tree*

If you're a Freaks fan and love cute happy stories I do suggest you read this ASAP! :)
Tags: beautiful, circus, elvira snow, fan fiction, fangirling, freaks, jenny lee snow, love, phroso, pinhead, schlitzie
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