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FICLET: Mine, Lost fandom, Ben/Locke slash, NC-17

My first time writing this pairing!

Title: Mine
Fandom: LOST
Characters: Ben Linus/John Locke
Table: #3
Prompt: #88, Bite
Word Count: 454
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Ben loves to surrender to John – but never completely…
Author's Notes: Written for the 100_situations challenge for the he_came_back community. Mostly PWP – warnings for sex and slight dub-con. Many thanks to sage_of_spice for beta’ing this!

He always seems to be playing games, even at the most tender and vulnerable of moments. Even when John’s pressing him down and thrusting deep within him, Ben inevitably holds something of himself back. Whether it’s a purring chuckle at the end of a breathy moan or tightening around John to bring him close to release when he craves most to prolong his pleasure, Ben has his ways of showing John who is really in control.

There are nights, like this one, when John simply wants to sleep, to save his energy for whatever the island requires of him. Right now he needs silence and stillness, without even dreams to distract his mind. But Ben has stolen to his side and is waking him with kisses. John growls and tries to push Ben from him but Ben’s tongue slides into his mouth and those skillful hands of Ben’s are pushing aside John’s clothing and claiming his body with caresses. With a groan, John feels his cock grow hard and aching even though he almost snarls with frustration at Ben’s ability to break through his resolve yet again.

Ben has already slicked himself for John, not wanting to be stretched. John senses that Ben wants this to hurt and that’s what John gives him; forceful thrusts to make him scream and harsh, vicious bites to mark his bare skin. But Ben doesn’t cry out. Not even once. He writhes and moans, raising his hips for John, and clenches his inner muscles around John’s hardness, driving him nearer to the edge than he wants to be. Toying with John as he does every single time their bodies join. John burns with lust and rage and need; he longs to make Ben beg for him, call John’s name out loud, wake every living being on the island no matter how dangerous that would be just so John can hear Ben admit how good it feels and that he belongs to him. But as he feels his desire peaking, it’s John who begs, not knowing why but unable to resist whispering “Please…” and gasping Ben’s name as he comes inside him. He strokes Ben’s cock, feeling the other man’s seed spill over his fingers and imagines the amused, triumphant smile that would slowly spread over Ben’s face at this moment.

They slip apart at last, and John reaches out to Ben in the darkness, to touch his face and feel his lips curved into that smile. Still playing with John, as he does every time.

“Mine,” Ben murmurs, his voice almost inaudible but steady and strong. “You’re mine, John…” and pulls John close for a biting kiss that leaves a faint taste of blood in both their mouths.
Tags: ben linus, ben/locke, bocke, john locke, lost, slash
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