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That's all I bloody well need!

Came across someone making fun of/getting all upset on their LJ about a John/Zep slashy roleplay I was involved in on sixwordstories... calling it OOC and bad roleplaying probably just because it's slash. Well, they may be entitled to their opinions, but they better keep their opinions in their own LJ - because if they try trolling they are in so much trouble!

Whatever happened to "don't like, don't read", I ask for the millionth time???

I don't really care what these people think, we're all entitled to like what we like and hate what we hate. I love my little John/Amanda/Zep AU and intend to keep playing it as long as my roleplay buddies want to. I just don't think I can cope with anyone trolling, especially right now. So I hope like hell they don't.
Tags: john/amanda/zep, john/zep, trolls
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