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Thoughts about het, slash and pairings

I always want to post about kink and pairings in a spirit of "your kink is OK, my kink is OK."

But... I can't help thinking. I would write and read more het if there was more femdom out there.

I know that femsub is the kink of a lot of people when it comes to het. But sadly it is a bone-deep squick for me. It's one of the reasons I broke up with my girlfriend after all, as that was her bulletproof kink and I cannot stand it.

So... what's to do? Write slash and femmeslash only? Or try to write my squick?

Or... just try femdom anyway?

I feel I would be more open-minded about het if I felt OK that femdom would be well received.

What fandoms would you want to see if I did? What pairings?

Thoughts and comments are much welcome, dear flist. *hugs*
Tags: fandom, het, pairings
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