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Happy Friday the 13th, again! :)

And... to celebrate, a review of the newest Friday the 13th movie, Carol Anne style.

I'd heard dark rumors it was going to be dreadful. But luckily, not so! Thankfully, the rumored "Jason with a chainsaw" did not appear. There were, however, some classy kills. And a nice cameo from Nana Visitor as Mrs. Voorhees. Derek Mears is a delightfully evocative Jason, tall and menacing, though not as hulking as the likes of Kane Hodder or Ken Kirzinger. But what I most adore is that he's a total Mommy's boy! *hearts* The Voorhees family drama must always be front and center for my fannish satisfaction - the kills are interesting, sure, but the dynamic between Jason and Pamela is what truly draws little me to the F13 franchise. It proves my point that for a gal to survive in Jason-verse, she must remind him of Mommy. Which is the main reason the main female character in this film survives so long - she happens to look like a locket portrait of a teenage Pamela Voorhees. Though I would love to someday see a story with an older woman "adopting" Jason as her "son". That would be fascinating!

Overall, then, a pretty good film - not so much a remake of part 1 as a re-doing of parts 2 and 3. Can't wait to see more!
Tags: fandom, friday the 13th, jason voorhees, movies, pamela voorhees
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