Schlitzie Ramone (sweetcarolanne) wrote,
Schlitzie Ramone

Kinks and squicks - musings...

I think possibly it's easier to pick up new kinks than to get rid of old squicks.

Because lately I've discovered quite a few new to recent tastes as far as kink goes. I often find myself thinking, "meh, not my thing" when applying a kink to one pairing, but then thinking of it with another and suddenly, it's "I could give that a try, maybe," or "whoa, that's hot!"

But squicks are deep and hard to remove. For example, dominant males in het = huge squick for me. Bone-deep. Although so many find it hot, I just can't enjoy it. It being my ex's kink is one reason why we didn't work out.

I've tried to make it appeal to me, just because it's a favorite kink of so many and it seems to be the "norm" in many fandoms, but I just can't get aroused by it. Just the way I am, I guess. Does it make me weird? Maybe...

But I am really enjoying the femdom het these days. As a writer, reader and RPer. Women in charge = sexy to me! And even that is a fairly recent kink as a few years ago I refused to read or write het at all.

It's weird - I love dominant men in slash. So why do I dislike them so in het???

Another thing I've discovered is that... odd though it seems, I can probably write just about any pairing these days in the fandoms I like! I have my OTPs and OT3s of course, but occasional straying to something new can be fun. I used to think there were some pairings I could never write. But if I can do tentacles, I guess "can't" is no longer in my vocabulary! ;)
Tags: fandom, femdom, het, kinks, pairings, sex, slash, smut, squicks, tentacles, writing
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