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Random and Fandom Thoughts

Apologies for infrequent and spotty posting - RL and the odd technical hitch have got in the way, but the fic will be flowing again soon!

On the subject of fic, I've come to the same conclusion that I've seen several folk on my flist reach. That maybe it's time to stop entering so many fic exchanges. Of course, I'll still do yuletide and harry_holidays at Christmas - the festive season's always great for exchanges - and I still may run the angelfiends ficlet exchange in October if there's enough interest from others to get it going again - but for the rest of the year, I want to concentrate on my own plotbunnies and the sort of fics that inspire me, personally, to write.

Taking on the challenge of other people's kinks and requirements and pairings can be fun, but I need a break from it. To work outside of restrictions for a while and just plain old enjoy myself. I hope that doesn't seem too selfish of me, but I have so many new stories clamoring "write me" at the moment...
Tags: challenges, fandom, fic
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