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Carol Anne cannot sleep, so she makes a pointless post.

OK, flist, I'm curious.

Do you have any old, long-lasting, forever, pointless crushes that won't go away?

I do. And weirdly enough it's on a guy. And for the most part I'm not interested in guys.

But this dude is famous so I suppose it doesn't count against me being gay? Non-famous guys do not interest me in the latest.

I've had this one since 1988.


Yep, Carl McCoy of Fields of the Nephilim. That old feeling just won't go away.

His voice I hear as the voice of Cthulhu in my dreams.

Great Old One. He deserves the title. <3
Tags: carl mccoy, crushes, cthulhu, fields of the nephilim, pointless squee post
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