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More batty fangirl squee! (Lovecraft's "The Case of Charles Dexter Ward again!)

More proof in my mind that the above is as slashy as all hell. This just gets better and better!

- Lovecraft compares the obliteration of Joseph Curwen's name after his first demise to the silence that surrounded Oscar Wilde's for years after his disgrace. I wonder what else that may imply? I'm tempted to think that the author, probably subconsciously, may have tossed a little subtext in to make his bad guy even badder, or am I just being daft here? Still fun to speculate!

- I can't help feeling that Joseph is kind of pouty in that diary entry mentioning that Simon Orne hasn't written him for 5 weeks!

- Simon Orne takes the alias "Josef Nadeh" when he flees to Prague. Mark the first name well! Hee!

- What was (mentioned in a letter) Orne sending Curwen from a hill tomb in the east that would delight him greatly? And delight how, hmmm?

On a fanfic note, I am so tempted to write fanfic about how Eliza, Curwen's bride, may have got through her wedding-night by imagining herself in the arms of Ezra Weeden, her first betrothed and probable true-love. And how Joseph may have done his duty by imagining the caresses of Simon Orne, in my eyes Joseph's beloved.

I am truly a perv. ;)
Tags: fan fiction, fandom, joseph curwen, lovecraftian horror, simon orne, slash
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