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Dear Yuletide Writer Post 2009

Well, hello, intrepid author who's ended up with my request as a Yuletide assignment! I am sure I spelled out everything pretty clearly in my requests, and am bound to love anything you create for me, but if you need a little extra help, I will gladly assist you right here!

Request 1: H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos. 1) Joseph Curwen/Simon Orne slash from "The Case of Charles Dexter Ward". Two delightfully wicked lovers whose passion has lasted through time and many partings (and possible meetings again later), and who love to share not only their discoveries but their adventures, romantic and otherwise e.g. what might have happened when Simon met Charles Dexter Ward, the very image of his lost love, in Prague in the 1920s? Other male/male slash encounters other than the main pairing can be mentioned, but please no explicit het (though mention of Eliza, Joseph's canon wife, is OK if it's necessary for the plot). Sex can be included if you're comfortable writing it, but it's not essential. The love is more important!

Or 2) Herbert West - Re-animator. Herbert West slash with his unnamed companion (you could borrow from the Re-animator movie verse and call him Dan Cain if you like) - feel free to use book and movie-verse interchangeably if you like, and make it as deliciously chilling as you please! Just no het, thanks. As before, sex is good but the romance is more important so it's OK if you can't write smut!

Request 2: Saw (movies): 1) I would like John/Zep slash or a John/Amanda/Zep het and slash mixture. Something tender and consensual would be nice, lovers in an AU where Zep survives. It can be just John and Zep, but I would also enjoy a threeway relationship between John, Zep and Amanda (all lovers with each other, including both slash and het elements, not just the guys "doing" Amanda! And an actual ongoing relationship, not a one night stand). Perhaps an AU where both Amanda and Zep are John's apprentices. If you include Amanda I do specify that it be a three-way relationship, not just John and Amanda with Zep left out! And also if you do the three-way I don't want Amanda being submissive to the men - female submissiveness is a massive squick of mine (I prefer egalitarian sexual relationships if a woman's involved, or even sexually dominant women) otherwise any kind of sex goes as long as it's consensual. Although sex is not compulsory to include. Love is more important! If you are uncomfortable writing smut, I'll happily take a PG-rated romance! If you need any extra suggestions, check out the LJ community angelfiends, where I'm one of the mods, for the sort of thing I like to read!

Or 2) John/Hoffman slash. Grittier and less romantic, I suppose, than I imagine the John/Zep of my first request would be. Jigsaw and Hoffman don't want to fall for each other but they do, that kind of thing. Struggling not to attach emotionally, but it happens. Whether it’s a flare of lust or a deeper dependence, the pull is undeniable and irresistible and they have to admit they're more than "partners in crime", and John would of course feel deeply hurt and betrayed by Hoffman's later actions if you include Saw 6 canon... Amanda can be in the story, but I don't want her in the sex if there is any for this fic! But of course sex is not compulsory to include. Again, I'll accept something of a lower rating if the slashiness is still there!

Request 3: Poltergeist (movies): I basically want gen fic for this one that is either from Carol Anne's point of view or pretty much centers on her, although I want the characters of Tangina and Reverend Kane in there somewhere. I don't want Carol Anne to die, or be maimed or be sexually abused, otherwise any plot is OK. I would prefer Carol Anne to be still a child in the story, not a teen or an adult many years after the timeline of the movies.

Request 4: H. P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos. EITHER some Cthulhu slash - Cthulhu/Dagon would be good, or perhaps Cthulhu and a human male, whether from Lovecraft or an OC (a cultist, perhaps)! Can be sweet and PG-rated or go wild with the sex and tentacles! No het please. OR something more general - a tale based on "For Cthulhu so loves the world that He aches to devour us all and make us one with Him!" Sort of a romantic religious/spiritual parody if you will. You can do either scenario either seriously or humorously - either would work for me!

Well, there are my requests - and as I said I'm sure I'll love what you write. You rock just for signing up for Yuletide!

Yours with love,
Carol Anne Caiafa. <3
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