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Braaaaaains... or, all the stupid makes the baby zombies cry!

You've all heard about it by now, Warriors for Idiocy and their little campaign, and so many fandom journals gone...

I won't say too much, because I'm incoherent with rage about it all, but censorship is not the answer. These jerks need to learn the difference between fiction and reality.

I sometimes write controversial, squicky material. I'm primarily a horror fan after all. And I'm going to keep doing it. I may have to take a few safety precautions and beef up disclaimers, but I won't be censored. Free speech is being added to my interest list.

Jeez, just because someone has something on their interests list doesn't mean they are or support that thing, right? That would mean I'm a zombie since I've got them on my interest s list, right? Jeepers creepers, maybe I should send Wankers for Incompetence a heapin' helping of the brains I'm supposedly chowing down on.

Keep writing and reading what you want, fellow fans, fen and fiends! Censorship = TEH SUCK! BOO!

*hugs and love to all fandoms everywhere*

Sorry for the interruption - ficcage will soon resume as per usual.
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