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Thoughts about fandom activity

I am currently trying to decide what to do... I have so many promised fics and plot bunnies for several different fandoms that I am dying to write... but RL is really kicking my butt right now!

So... one thing I'm considering is giving up some of the prompt communities I'm in, mainly Theatrical Muse. It will be quite a wrench, as I've had these muses for some years now, but I think writing prompts is interfering with my ability to concentrate on the fic ideas that inspire me. And I think my beloved Jason muse has had about enough of TM and particularly wants more stories. I will probably keep Jigsaw over there, as I haven't been writing him there long, however. But the others need a break.

I won't be closing their journals - they'll still be around for Six Word Stories and other roleplay communities - but still, this is the end of an era for me.
Tags: fandom, muses, thinky thoughts
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