Schlitzie Ramone (sweetcarolanne) wrote,
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The Appeal of Tentacle Loving - A Very Adult Post Indeed

This is one of those NC-17/TMI posts where my own sexuality and fantasies will be discussed. Please skip this post if you don’t care to read such things!

Whilst browsing on LJ I came across this link – a rather interesting article on the appeal of tentacle sex.

Sucker Love

It got me thinking about a number of things, and it stirred up a number of emotions and reactions. One, of course, was a massive eyeroll at the commenter quoted who seems to assume that such kinks are only OK if conventional, heteronormative gender roles are adhered to (and I also had a tiny giggle about those assumptions too… for if we’re talking giant cephalopods, the females are generally larger than the males. And usually better endowed in the tentacle department. A tentacled sex godDESS? Yes, please! :D :D :D). And I was a little surprised that nobody said “Never mind Davy Jones, I want that Kraken! (has another giggle).

The other things that came up were a lot more complex.

The author writes in detail about the fantasies of helplessness and submission connected to tentacle sex. While I can see the appeal of being on the receiving end of those lovely, flexing limbs – and I confess that my fantasies sometimes do stir in that direction – whether I’m imagining me or someone else entwined with Great Cthulhu, the Kraken, or some other exquisite tentacled being – I’m glad to see that the author gives a nod to the wish to be the dominant one in such a scenario, too, as most times these days I’m imagining myself as the one with the tentacles.

A lot of strange and lovely thoughts… even though I’m not into men in real life, the thought of being a fearsome but lovely Kraken capturing and deliciously terrifying and pleasuring pirates or Vikings is… definitely hot. Just the image of these powerful men being first ready to fight back despite being frightened out of their wits, then slowly, gradually submitting themselves to the inevitable before being driven mad with pleasure as my suction cups kiss their bare bodies and my tentacle-tips, possessively and lovingly, thrust within them…

And of course, there’s the lovely ladies as usual, but things are usually a lot different there. My thoughts usually stray towards a fiery Domme, perhaps a feisty pirate captain, a sea-goddess or some other grand lady on an ocean voyage who isn’t afraid to command her loving pet Kraken (me!) to give her exactly what she wants… the tentacled beastie isn’t always in charge, it seems, and like many a beast before her, can be captured and charmed by Beauty…

Inevitably, too, the fic ideas are coming thick and fast, too. Cthulhu-fic of course (mostly slash with Gustaf Johansen), some original fic ideas and – yes, even POTC plotbunnies although I have never written in that fandom before. My gosh!!!

I’ve had obsessions and attractions and fetishes before, but oh my, never has so much been stirred up so deeply all at once! It makes my head swim.
Tags: cephalopods, cthulhu, cthulhu mythos, davy jones, femdom, femmeslash, gustaf johansen, het, kraken, love, lovecraftian horror, potc, sea monsters, sex, slash, tentacles
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