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Well, of all the...

To try and keep sane, and hopefully jolt the fics in my head into being, I decided to try role playing again. Most of my muses are quiet at the moment, though - although Jigsaw AKA John Kramer and my Lovecraft muses do pop up from time to time... but I also have a naughty but nice Kraken muse who woke up again recently and that led to some delightful POTC tentacle-love crack-things going on with someone's lovely Jack Sparrow muse...

Then - HE moved in. *jerks thumb at icon*

Yup, I've started RPing Davy Jones at a couple of open communities, have got both het and slash scenes going, and... I don't seem to be too sucky at it, despite never having been into Pirates till recently.

Who'd a thunk it!
Tags: davy jones, kraken, pirates of the caribbean, potc, roleplay, tentacles, wtf???
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