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Long time no update, bad kitty!

Sorry about the silence - real life has been kicking my butt lately, but am trying to get ficcing again. Job hunting is a frustrating business. No bites yet but I'm hoping...

Luckily everyone I know in Christchurch is safe and well, though two have suffered major damage to their homes.

My heart goes out to everyone in Japan right now... such a sad and terrible business.

On the fandom front - roleplaying a lot to keep my head on straight - mostly as Davy Jones. Why is it that he seems to get more sex than any of my other muses combined? Hee!

And FINALLY Saw VII in 3D came here and I got to see it.

Well, it was quite a satisfactory end to the series in many ways, the traps were good and gory, the story fast-paced and the 3D was a nice novel touch. It was cool to see the return of Cary Elwes as Dr. Gordon and have that loose end tied up at last. I do have a few gripes with the movie, though, namely:

1) NEEDS MOAR TOBIN!!! Seriously, this film seems to have the least participation by Tobin Bell of any of the series. Though the scene with John meeting the fraudulent self-help guru is probably my favorite in the whole film.

2) Why did Jill have to be reduced to being an annoying damsel in distress? Which relates to my third gripe:


4) Even though it was nice to see Larry Gordon again, I still wish Zep had survived to join the Jigsaw team... sigh sigh...

Anyhoo, this film has inspired me to finish and post my long overdue Ficlet Exchange piece for angelfiends!
Tags: amanda young, davy jones, dr. gordon, fandom, jigsaw, jill tuck, john kramer, me, real life, sad, saw, zep hindle
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