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Makes me wish I could skate...

Something I've become obsessed with lately - yes, obsessive little me again...

Roller derby!

Not as a skater... I'm too unco-ordinated - but I'm a huge fan of the local league here in Auckland, the Pirate City Rollers. My fave team is Dead Wreckoning, but I think ALL the teams are made of awesome! Loved watching the Pirate City "All Scars" team (which included quite a few of the lovely ladies from Dead Wreck) demolish the Richter City All Stars from Wellington on Saturday. Wellington played valiantly but the home team was stronger in the end... What a rockin' night out!

Hmm... wonder if I'll write anything on the subject? Haven't decided whether it's a bad or good idea.
Tags: dead wreckoning, love, new zealand, obsessions, pirate city rollers, roller derby, writing
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