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Dear Yuletide Author

Why hello, brave and wonderful person who is writing for me this Yuletide! Here is a list of my fondest wishes for stories this year. Whichever fandom you're writing, I do hope you can incorporate some of what I want, and you rock just for being part of this exchange and for just being you! <3

On to the requests below...

Fandom 1) Whip It (2009) - I'd genuinely love femslash between Bliss and Maven - can be explicit or just implied, just please not too much angst in the festive season! And I'd also enjoy having plenty of roller derby in it. Otherwise, let your imagination go wild! I'd love to see them really trying to wreck each other on the track - hiding their feelings or trying to find a way to express them, maybe? Does this lead to later revelations? Please feel free to age Bliss up a bit if you need to!

Fandom 2) Cthulhu Mythos - H.P. Lovecraft - I'd love some EITHER Cthulhu slash - Cthulhu/Gustaf Johansen would be good. Can be just lots of madness and mind games or go wild with the sex and tentacles! I have a real thing for tentacles so lots of mentions of them in any case would ROCK.

OR something based on "The Dreams in the Witch House" - what if Walter Gilman DID become Keziah Mason's minion instead of resisting? This one could be female dominant het or gen - but Keziah must be the one in charge all the way. It would be good, if possible, to get some of Keziah's point of view instead of just Walter's. She's such a fascinating character!

Fandom 3) Saw (movies) - I'd dearly love a story where Zep Hindle survived to become one of Jigsaw's apprentices and forms a bond with John. Something that's slashy or at least implies slashy feelings on both sides would be awesome, with Zep being affectionate and attentive in his own creepy way, and John being physically dependent on Zep but mentally/emotionally in control. But if you can't write sex, that's fine - what's important is the emotions and what's going on in everyone's minds. And how would Amanda and Hoffman react to Zep and how he's become so important to John? Would they be jealous, infuriated, sympathetic? Would all three become rivals, or come to some agreement that John and his work are what's really important here?

Fandom 4) The Borgias - I would adore a "forbidden passions and tormented inner thoughts" piece centred on Cesare where he experiences forbidden attractions to BOTH Lucrezia and Micheletto - and what does he do? Does he hide them, act on any of them or do something else? And what if the Pope manages to find out anything? Is there religious guilt or does Cesare get full of "entitlement" feelings and pride, deciding he can do anything he wants?
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