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Fic: Ocean Angel - Original Story, Tentacle Femmeslash

Again, sorry for long absences, and another fic!

Title: Ocean Angel
Author: Carol Anne Caiafa/sweetcarolanne
Fandom(s): Loosely H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos, or original
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairing(s): Anonymous Human Narrator (female)/Female Tentacle Monster
Summary: A strange yet beautiful rite of love – your basic tentacle porn, really.
Warnings: Tentacle sex with a sentient fantasy creature, and very little else.
Word Count: 805
Disclaimer: I own nothing, don’t sue, etc. etc.
A/N: Written for tentacle_fest, inspired by the prompt “Any Pairing or Solo : Write some smut using this picture for inspiration: The Fisherman and the Octopus by Felix d'Eon OR If you'd rather use the original by Katsushika Hokusai: The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife" – I used the second picture, interpreting the scene as f/f.

For many years I had worshipped the divine Spawn of the Great One, a cultist among the many who prayed at Her shrine and brought Her tribute. Although I had long craved to feel the caress of Her glorious tentacles on my bare skin, ached to offer myself as one of those with whom She took Her pleasure from time to time, I stayed silent, in the background, struggling to hide my arousal as I observed the rituals, saw this Angel of the Oceans filling Her chosen for the night with the luscious tips of Her many supple limbs. There were other cultists who were more beautiful and desirable than I, or who were senior in rank to me, more adept at the magical rites which so pleased the Divine One, I sternly told myself whenever I felt tempted. So I merely watched while my fellow worshippers, both male and female, came forward and pledged themselves, one by one, to Her service, and waited while She chose a companion for the hours before the dawn.

It was rumoured amongst the members of the cult that some day She would choose a mate from the ranks of those who gathered at Her shrine; in the dreams of our High Priestess would the identity of the Ocean Angel’s beloved be revealed. But years upon years had gone past, and still no sign was shown to us, Her patient cultists.

Until one balmy summer’s night when the moon was full, and the servants of our Priestess woke me from deep sleep. The blessed dream had come at last, and I was the one that our Goddess had selected to be Her very own.

In a daze, I allowed the Priestess’s handmaidens to undress me, anoint me with perfume and adorn me with necklaces of pearls and emeralds. I could hardly believe that I had been chosen – I had never been among the ones to please the Divine One, had never even revealed my desires before, except perhaps with longing eyes. But She had seen me, and She wanted me, and now I was to belong to Her for always.

Naked but for my jewels, I was bound to the large flat rock that served as our cult’s altar, but She snapped the chain with a twist of one mighty limb the moment She rose above the waves, more strangely beautiful than I had ever seen Her, Her body aglow with multi-coloured lights. Her burning eyes, large and dark and expressive, told me Her innermost thoughts, and I knew that She longed for me to touch Her as much as I craved to be touched.

Willingly, I ran my trembling hands along the smooth length of two tentacles, gasping at the exquisite sensation of the suckers, sweet as kisses, pressing back against my palms. More tentacles held me tightly and pulled me closer, one tender, probing tip seeking the wetness between my thighs and sliding into the longing heat that She found there. I uttered a soft cry and yielded to Her as another slick appendage pushed between the cheeks of my ass and entered me there. I sobbed in pleasure, involuntary movements of my hips encouraging Her to take me, spread me wide, go deeper into me. And She did so, the shuddering of Her limbs conveying to me Her own ecstasy.

I thrust my breasts against the suckers that closed over my hardened nipples like clamps, seeking more of the blissful pleasure-pain they gave. Another sucker fastened on my clit, deliciously teasing and tormenting me. I kissed every tentacle within reach, giving her the caresses of my lips and tongue as She filled me, tasting the divine salt-sweetness of the sea on Her, breathing in the scent of the life-giving waters that emanated from Her flesh. She moved inside me, giving me delight as no other ever had, and I shook with climax at Her every press and stroke, knowing that my rapture was feeding Hers when Her limbs and suckers grew more luminous and lit the ocean waves around Her like the brightest rainbow stars. Convulsed with bliss, I could not speak, my tears flowing and my holes stretched, hot and open. I was Hers, body and soul, for all eternity. Through receiving Her love I had now become immortal. And I would give myself to Her like this whenever She commanded it of me, forever faithful to the only one I had ever loved, or would ever love.

She cradled me gently in Her tentacled embrace as I recovered my composure, at last able to murmur words of devotion as a tentacle-tip carded through my wet hair. Then, wrapping Her coils securely around my waist, She pulled me into the water with Her, carrying me away to dwell with Her in the depths for evermore.
Tags: cthulhu, cthulhu mythos, fan fiction, femmeslash, kraken, love, lovecraftian horror, tentacles
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