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Dear Yuletide Writer!

Yes, it's that time of the year again, my intrepid friend! And you're the lucky or unlucky person who got my requests. Well, fear not - my requests may be a little odd, but I'm sure you have the talent and the fortitude to tackle them well. I'm sure I'll love what you write me, as I've given two thumbs up to every Yuletide gift I've ever received.

On we go, brave one!

1) Whip It (2009) - I'm especially wanting Iron Maven-centric femmeslash this year - you could pair her with any (or all if you're brave enough) of the other characters nominated! My only absolutes are that I want a lesbian and proud of it Maven, lots of roller derby skating and no unhappy endings, otherwise go where you will with the story. Will it be a fluffy romance, a triumph over adverse situations, a rivalry turned to love or a bonding between team-mates becoming something more? Or a mix of everything? Don't worry about it if you absolutely cannot write sex, the love is what's important to me, though smut is very welcome if you like to write it! :) Kinky or vanilla, I don't mind. And I just melt over tender moments, silly jokes, domesticity and cuddles!

2) Jurassic Park (Movies) - I recently started getting this craving for Roland Tembo/Nick Van Owen slash or pre-slash (from Jurassic Park II - The Lost World). I'm intrigued by the idea of an attraction/repulsion between these two opposites, the big game hunter and the environmentalist, the man with his eyes on the prize and the one who thwarts him... what if feelings, unbidden, started to grow between them? I'd see good-natured snarking being the way things would go instead of endearments, for example, and one-upmanship/competitiveness creeping in even at the most affectionate of times. Even when things get heated between them, argumentatively, I think that the affection would still be there and very real, though... Also, plenty of action and adventure with dinosaurs involved is also very welcome. Sex is of course, optional - no problems if you don't write smut. Though I'd be interested to see how things would develop in that department with these two!

3) Cthulhu Mythos - H.P. Lovecraft - Cthulhu/Gustaf Johansen slash - what if the Great One became smitten with the feisty human who stood up to him? This could be sweet and romantic, wall to wall tentacle kink, serious or cute and amusing... I'll leave it up to you! Cthulhu could treat his beloved Norseman as a lover or a precious pet, for example - and how would the Star-Spawn and the other Great Old Ones react?


Carol Anne.
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