Schlitzie Ramone (sweetcarolanne) wrote,
Schlitzie Ramone

Dear Yuletide Writer Post

Well, hello dear brave writer who's got me to write for this year! You're an intrepid one and no mistake. Below are my likes and dislikes, hope you won't find them too onerous!

Much love and respect, Carol Anne. :)

Request One: Whip It (2009)

Characters: Bliss Cavendar, Iron Maven, Eva Destruction, Jackie Daniels (Whip It)
I'm especially wanting Iron Maven-centric femmeslash this year - you could pair her with any (or all if you're brave enough) of the other characters nominated! My only absolutes are that I want a lesbian and proud of it Maven, lots of roller derby skating and no unhappy endings, otherwise go where you will with the story. Will it be a fluffy romance, a triumph over adverse situations, a rivalry turned to love or a bonding between team-mates becoming something more? If you include sex it can be anything from kinky to cuddly and vanilla, but of course smut is not compulsory, though welcome. :) I just adore sexy, tough women!

Request 2: Poltergeist (1982)

Characters: Carol Anne Freeling, Tangina Barrons, Reverend Henry Kane, Diane Freeling
I'd love a story either from Carol Anne's point of view or one that pretty much centers on her, such as what is the power she has that draws supernatural entities to her... I don't want Carol Anne to die, or be maimed or be sexually abused, otherwise any plot is OK. I would prefer Carol Anne to be still a child in the story, not a teen or an adult many years after the timeline of the movies. I just love these films and their atmosphere and I hope that can be shown in the story.

Request 3: Cthulhu Mythos - H.P. Lovecraft

Characters: Cthulhu
I'd adore some Cthulhu slash - Cthulhu/Gustaf Johansen would be good, or perhaps Cthulhu and another human male, whether from Lovecraft or an OC (a cultist, perhaps)! Can be sweet and PG-rated or go wild with the sex and tentacles! Funny parody or serious story, graphic or merely hinted at... you choose! :) This one is all up to you and your wonderful imagination! :)

Request 4: The Borgias: The Original Crime Family (2011)

Characters: Cesare Borgia (The Borgias: The Original Crime Family (2011)), Micheletto (The Borgias: The Original Crime Family (2011)), Lucrezia Borgia (The Borgias: The Original Crime Family (2011)),
I would adore a "forbidden passions and tormented inner thoughts" piece centred on Cesare where he experiences forbidden attractions to BOTH Lucrezia and Micheletto - and what does he do? Does he hide them, act on any of them or do something else? And what if the Pope manages to find out anything? Is there religious guilt or does Cesare get full of "entitlement" feelings and pride, deciding he can do anything he wants? I don't mind angst or violence to some degree, but not above what is part of the canon, of course. :)

Request 5: The Little Mermaid (1989)

Characters: Ariel (The Little Mermaid) Ursula | Vanessa (The Little Mermaid)
Go where you will with this one, either Ariel/Ursula femmeslash (tentacles most welcome, and a bit of darkness would be OK for this angle of things too) or just Ariel in the sea being a mermaid and super cute, lots of mermaid tails and pretty fish and sparkly things and just general cutesiness, cuter than a bunch of Angelic Pretty frills, and of course all happy - you pick which way, dear author! Anything from G-rated to explicit NC-17 is fine. I just love this story!!!
Tags: yuletide
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