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Fic for 7spells, The Thrill of the Forbidden, Character - Gabrielle Delacour, Soft R

Title: The Thrill of the Forbidden
Character: Gabrielle Delacour
Prompt: Set 7, #6, History repeats itself
Pairings for this ficlet: Gabrielle/Susan, implied Gabrielle/Ginny and Gabrielle/Pansy, and implied Susan/Zacharias
Rating: Soft R
Word Count: 626
Summary: Gabrielle can’t help it, but married women fascinate her…
Author’s Notes/Warnings/Disclaimer: Implied femmeslash sex and adultery. I don’t own these characters and am making no profit, etc.

She had been down this pathway before, wanting a woman who belonged with someone else, who had already given her hand and her heart to another. To a man, no less. Little barbs of jealousy made Gabrielle’s spine prickle and her hands clench at the mere sight of the gold ring on Susan’s left hand. She could not repress a smile, though, at the way Susan’s face flushed when Gabrielle lowered her eyelashes, or reached with graceful fingers to touch the back of Susan’s hand, avoiding the ring, impulsively and with an air of innocence. Her lovely head tilted slightly, she paid rapt attention to Susan’s every word, nodding and murmuring in wonderment at whatever was said, no matter how insignificant. As they sat near the window of the comfortable little café, sunlight streamed in and made Gabrielle’s flowing, white-blonde hair gleam like silver. Gabrielle heard Susan’s breath catch, and smiled again, this time more seductively.

Susan Bones – Susan Smith nowadays – was a very beautiful woman. Almost as desirable as Gabrielle herself, but in Gabrielle’s view she was far more so. In between sips of her vanilla and raspberry scented herbal tea, Gabrielle found herself stealing glances at Susan’s slender throat and firm, round breasts. She imagined what it would be like to bite into the smooth skin of Susan’s supple neck, or swirl her tongue around Susan’s hardened nipples as if they were luscious sweets. Between her tightly clenched thighs Gabrielle was already damp and aching, and she burned with impatience for the time when she and Susan could be together behind closed doors and away from prying eyes.

It was always the married ones that fascinated Gabrielle. Before Susan there had been Pansy, and before Pansy there was Ginny… neither had been able to resist the sensual Veela charms of Gabrielle Delacour, no matter how much they loved their husbands. Gabrielle enjoyed befriending these women and then seducing them, always without regret.

Perhaps it was the thrill of the forbidden that made Gabrielle play these games over and over again… yet there was something different about this affair that Gabrielle was pursuing, about Susan. Gabrielle’s time with Ginny and Pansy had been short – she had enjoyed brief, erotic flings with both these women, then had amicably parted from them so that they could return to married life. She sometimes wondered if either of them felt any guilt or fondly remembered the passionate embraces they had enjoyed – but other than that, she did not think of her past amours that often.

With Susan, however, it was not mere lust. When alone at night, Gabrielle did not merely distract herself with thoughts of Susan’s naked body, but actually yearned to hear her voice, to look into her eyes and speak of deeper feelings. For the first time in ages, Gabrielle was falling in love. And she hoped to make Susan fall for her too.

She had met Susan’s husband, Zacharias, and had very little time for the man. He was a short-tempered sort of person, of scant charm, and Gabrielle was of the opinion that he could never provide Susan with the kind of love she needed, the tenderness, worship and appreciation of a beauty that was far greater than that of the flesh. He could never adore Susan in the way that Gabrielle planned to do – hopefully for the rest of their lives.

Gabrielle lifted one of the cream cakes from the plate in front of her and Susan, and took a bite. Her tongue flickered briefly over her perfect lips, savouring the taste of the sugary treat, and Susan audibly gasped.

Inevitably Susan would succumb, Gabrielle told herself, and offered the plate of cakes to the woman who would soon be in her arms.
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