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My Jukebox Fest Fic - "Tell Them Only Sent You" - PG-13 - Starring Schlitzie, Elvira & Jenny Lee!

This year I participated in the Jukebox Fest fandom exchange, which is fic, art or podcasts based around songs. The gift fic I wrote was based on the Misfits' cover of Monster Mash and is a humorous parody of different horror fandoms, including Freaks - the stars are Schlitzie, Elvira and Jenny Lee! It's here if you'd like a look:

I also loved the story that was written for me (won't link it as it's NSFW and I'm posting from work, but it's easy to find if you'd like to read it). It's fic based on Warren Zevon's "Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner" which I've always wanted to see, and now it exists! I am very happy. :)
Tags: elvira snow, fan fiction, fic exchanges, freaks, jenny lee snow, misfits, pinhead, schlitzie
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