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Sign-Up Letter for Trick or Treat Exchange 2015

Hi there, wonderdful writer or artist! :)
My requests are going to be pretty general so you can be as creative as you please. I'll post a list of optional things I'd like for you to pick and choose from, and things I do NOT want. These will cover all the fandoms I chose and can apply to tricks and treats alike!

Things I'd enjoy seeing in fic or art:

Romance and/or friendship (For romance I prefer slash and femslash to het, usually. But I am quite happy with gen! I do like sweet friendship stories too).
Happy or at least hopeful endings
Humor, jokes and fun - maybe pranks if my gift is a trick!
Slightly spooky, creepy Halloween themes
Cats, can be black or any other color!
Circuses and sideshows
Carnivals and thrill rides
Cute or scary clowns
Yummy things to eat
Characters being awesome
Monsters, cute or scary
People taking care of one another
Somoeone becoming an awesome supernatural being like an alien or angel (Pepper might be good for this one, or Schlitzie!)


Death of any of my nominated characters
Unhappy endings
Anything too grim and lacking in hope
Anyone who's good and sweet (e.g. Joey Ramone, Pepper, Elvira, Jenny Lee, Phroso or Schlitze) turning evil
Tons of gore (a good scare is fine, but nothing squicky please!)
Any harm coming to the cats mentioned in List One!!!

That's about it, really. Have fun!

Fandoms and characters I've requested (listed in no particular order):

Freaks (1932): Phroso, Schlitze. Elvira, Jenny Lee (especially with Schlitzie, Elvira and Jenny Lee being cute!).
American Horror Story: Asylum: Pepper, Sister Jude, Sister Mary Eunice, Lana Winters (I want a Pepper-centric story or pic for this one, please!).
The Ramones: Joey Ramone, Johnny Ramone, Dee Dee Ramone, Marky Ramone (mainly centred on Joey, please!).
Zippy the Pinhead: Zippy, Zerbina, Fuelrod, Meltdown.
Tags: fic exchanges, trick or treat 2015
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