Schlitzie Ramone (sweetcarolanne) wrote,
Schlitzie Ramone

Wow, what an awesome show!

So... saw the Misfits on December 5th here in Auckland. It's the third time I've seen them and probably the best show yet. They rocked all the way through for more than 2 hours on high energy. Even being on a knee scooter didn't stop me going (quite a few people were impressed by my dedication, and even a drunken idiot trying to foist herself on me couldn't ruin my night out) and it even got me some attention from Mr. Jerry Only himself!

 photo DSC_0000126.jpg

Me with Jerry. Apologies for the darkness and my goofy face! Actually got some kisses from him and he called me "baby girl!" *swoon*
Tags: fun, happy, jerry only, misfits, music, real life
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