Schlitzie Ramone (sweetcarolanne) wrote,
Schlitzie Ramone

Who's a pretty girl then? A rare SJW-style post

OK. So lately I've been coming across articles in various places on the internet about the notion of those who don't fit Hollywood and the fashion industry's idea of what beauty is being treated as invisible, or worse, undesirable. Something which makes me and a lot of people angry.

A blatant example of this was the comments section on a YouTube video (can't quite remember which one) of Schlitzie, Elvira and Jenny Lee's big scene from the movie "Freaks". Several people remarked upon the beauty of the actress who played Venus, Leila Hyams. But not one word was said about the beauty of Elvira, Jenny Lee and Schlitzie!

That's another thing that makes me angry as hell, because in their own way, those three were just as beautiful as Leila Hyams was.

Another thing that gets me ticked as hell is that if someone does recognize the beauty of people like Elvira, Jenny Lee and Schlitzie and remarks on it, they often get labeled as "fetishizing", "Othering", or "exoticizing" and they get referred to as "chasers" or just "creepy". No doubt there are such people who take an interest in folks like the aforementioned trio who are creepy and exploitative, but jeez Louise, not everybody's like that.

Some of us see beauty in more places than where commercial interests tell us to look. And that doesn't mean we want to go out and stalk or harass or otherwise abuse the people we see beauty in.

/end rant
Tags: angels, beautiful, elvira snow, fandom, freaks, jenny lee snow, microcephaly, pinhead, schlitzie, things that make the baby cthulhu cry, thinky thoughts, wtf???
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