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Dear Yuletide Author...

This year, I've decided to enter the Yuletide rare fandoms ficathon, after ages of being intrigued by the fest. Here are some suggestions, guidelines and wishes I'd like my author to know about...

Hello, dear Mystery Author! My fondest greetings to you, whoever you might be!

Although I think that my details/requests were pretty clear, I'm just adding a teeny bit of further clarification just in case, especially if you find yourself writing out of your usual fandom and genre preferences.

Three of my requests in Yuletide this year were for slash, and one for gen. I know there is a chance that you may not be a slasher, but I do want slash very much for the fandoms I requested it in. I don't expect sex if you are uncomfortable with writing it - with any pairing for me, it's the emotional connection between the characters that's important to me, rather than the smut, though sex is very welcome if you are fine with writing it. It's also fine to just have a teeny bit of implied slashiness and more concentration on the plot if you are really feeling uncomfortable, but I hope you can rise to the challenge and attempt it. :)

Here is a little bit of further clarification of my original requests:

Request 1) Fandom - Saw: Pairing: Jigsaw/Zep: I would love some slash between these two - it's one of my favourite pairings and so rare as to be almost non-existent in the Saw fandom. I prefer loving and consensual connection, though sex is not essential, of course. I prefer no het to be in this story.

Request 2) Fandom - Poltergeist: Characters: Carol Anne, Tangina, Reverend Kane: This is a gen request, and as long as there's no sexual abuse of little Carol Anne (which I know you're unlikely to write anyway) pretty much anything goes. Other kinds of darkness are fine - it is a horror story after all! :)

Request 3) Fandom - The Da Vinci Code: Pairing: Aringarosa/Silas: The pairing of Silas and Bishop Aringarosa is another of my favourites, and I would love some slash here too, even if it is never acted on and remains subtext only. Also I would prefer no het in this one either.

Request 4) Fandom - Saw: Pairing: Eric Matthews/Jigsaw: Another slash request, dark hatesex and dub-con is absolutely fine if you want to write it. Again, no het please (although I'm not anti-het, I would just prefer not to receive it for these fandoms or this fest, for the time being.)

I don't want to make you read a novel here, so I'll end this by saying that you are an amazing person for just participating, and whatever you write I will appreciate your efforts. You rock!

Carol Anne Caiafa.
Tags: challenges, fandom, requests, writing, yuletide
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