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shipswap Sign-Up, 2016!

Dear writer or artist - first of all, thank you for participating and for being the brave person willing to write or do art for me!

Request 1 - American Horror Story: Asylum: Basically, fluffy femmeslash is what I’m after! Can be full-on sexy or just kisses and holding hands, I don’t mind, and I am happy to have Pepper be either the pre-or post-alien abduction version! I would just love something shippy featuring my darling Pepper that isn’t written by me. I do very much want something that ends happily or at least hopefully (I know there are dark elements in this fandom so I expect darkness will occur) and I especially want Pepper to be happy. If you would like some prompts, here are a few (very optional) suggestions that I hope might inspire you:

1) For a pairing with either Sister Mary Eunice or Sister Jude, they could be captivated by Pepper’s sweetness and innocence into having feelings for her despite the prohibitions of the Church and struggles with religious guilt.
2) For a pairing with Shachath, Pepper could become some kind of angelic being in the afterlife who assists the angel and is guided and mentored by her.
3) For a pairing with Lana Winters, perhaps Lana and Pepper could form some kind of alliance against the bad guys, or perhaps Lana takes up that early offer to play with Pepper belatedly, befriending the girl when committed to Briarcliff and their friendship deepens into love.

Request 2 - American Horror Story: Freak Show: As above, I’m pretty much looking for a fluffy, non-angsty f/f story/pic, something shippy involving my darling Pepper and a female character of your choice. It can be smutty or just sweet and innocent, whatever you prefer to write/make art of! I love all the imagery of the circus and carnivals and freak shows, so stories about the show’s daily life and what goes on are very much welcome! I don’t have prompts for this one, as long as it’s a happy, sweet story/pic full of love, carnival fun and PEPPER! <3

Request 3 - Freaks (1932) – I see the Phroso/Schlitzie (or Schlitze, I am fine with either spelling variant) as being a tender, old-fashioned romance, so would prefer a delicate, innocent love story/artwork here (the kisses and flowers and handholding type), and NOT PWP! And I am fine with whatever pronouns you, if writing, want to use for Schlitzie, although the movie tends to use “she” and “her” (if you want to stick to movie canon in your method of writing). I tend to view Schlitzie as transgender or gender-fluid (in RL and the film, s/he was very fond of dresses and feminine finery and was always ecstatic when given new ones). Do feel free to include other characters from the movie in the story too, I love them all – even the horrible villains are fascinating! Possible (very optional) storylines could include

1) Schlitzie somehow helps Phroso out with his clown act, and the two bond
2) Phroso takes Schlitzie and their friends Elvira and Jenny Lee shopping in Paris, or for a picnic, or some other outing
3) Phroso has to protect Schlitzie against Hercules and Cleopatra (perhaps Schlitzie has witnessed something incriminating about their nefarious scheme involving Hans?) and their friendship deepens

Request 4 - The Ramones: This is another one with which you can either go sweet and innocent or full-on smutty! The dynamics I like for these pairings are different but I still prefer a sweetly submissive Joey (especially in the bedroom, though of course he can stand up for himself in an argument) for both. I envision Joey and Johnny arguing about their political differences (Joey left-wing and Johnny right-wing) and the band and what-not and Johnny being the tough guy, but there being more love than hate in the end. Joey/Marky for me is the pair being more egalitarian, a friends to lovers sort of thing, the two of them being like big, sweet goofy kids together and having fun.

Some (very optional) prompt possibilities:

1) Bandleader Johnny decides he and Joey need to settle some differences for the sake of the band, so he organizes a weekend away together, sharing a room and everything. Joey is less than thrilled, but goes along with it and attraction begins to grow despite their differing opinions on politics.
2) Domestic discipline, Ramones style. Johnny gives Joey a spanking for some reason, and it turns them both on fiercely!
3) Marky and Joey have some time off together and get up to some crazy antics
4) After Marky’s return to the band, Joey realized just how much he’s missed Marky, and how much he loves him!

Things I would LOVE in my story or pic: Romance, fluff, kisses, all sex being consensual (if any), happy endings

DO NOT WANTS: Angst, character death, unhappy endings, non-con
Tags: fan fiction, fandom, fic exchanges
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