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Drabble: I Give You My Heart, Freaks (1932), F/F, rated G - Madame Tetrallini/Jenny Lee Snow

Title: I Give You My Heart
Author: Schlitzie Ramone
Fandom: Freaks (1932)
Character/Pairing: Madame Tetrallini/Jenny Lee Snow
Rating: General Audiences
Challenge/Prompt: slashthedrabble #387: Valentine’s Day
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 100
Date Written: 14 February, 2016
Summary: Madame Tetrallini decides to do something nice for Jenny Lee (aka Pinhead Pip).

Madame Tetrallini smiled at the beautiful red velvet pillow in the shape of a heart, edged with delicate white lace, which she had just sewn. And the circus owner had already decided who she was going to give this gorgeous creation to.

Dear Jenny Lee definitely needed cheering up. Schlitzie was always with Phroso these days, and Jenny Lee’s sister Elvira spent most of her time with Venus. Such a gift would be perfect to make the sweet girl happy.

‘I give you my heart,” Madame Tetrallini whispered, and Jenny Lee blushed and giggled as she hugged the pillow close.
Tags: angels, beautiful, circus, cute, femmeslash, freaks, jenny lee snow, madame tetrallini, pinhead
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