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Forget MCU - I saw the REAL Iron Man on Thursday night!

Wow. Blown away yet again by the awesomeness that is Black Sabbath live. Particularly by the stellar guitar playing of Tony Iommi - the man's spirit is unkillable, despite his struggles with illness. And of course Ozzy, Geezer and new drummer Tommy put on a great performance too.

The band has just concluded their final ever world tour here in NZ - so how could I not attend? Not a cheap gig, but totally worth it. My gaze was riveted the whole time to the stage and I sang along, of course, as did the rest of the crowd. The whole set was amazing but particular highlights for me were "Iron Man", "Beyond the Wall of Sleep", "After Forever" and "Snowblind" (if I had to pick one absolute fave Sabbath song, that would be the one.) <3

All in all, one of the best shows I've ever seen. I am fortunate indeed to have been able to see them twice. :D
Tags: black sabbath, blown away, music, ozzy, wow
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