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FIC: Return to Sin, Fleur/Gabrielle and others, R

Many apologies for my long absence - have been really busy with one thing and another, but am back now with plenty of fic for all! Here's one now:

Title: Return to Sin
Author: Carol Anne Caiafa
Fandom: Harry Potter
Genre: Femmeslash
Rating: R
Length: 1,156 words
Pairing(s): Fleur/Gabrielle, Gabrielle/Luna, Bill/Fleur
Summary: Gabrielle longs for her true love, even though what she feels is wrong…
Warning(s): Incest, angst, infidelity, implied sex, heavily AU
Note: Written originally for fem_exchange. I have aged Gabrielle up to about 4 years younger than Fleur instead of 9 years younger, which also makes Gabrielle and Luna about the same age. Many thanks to my beta, who wishes to remain anonymous.

It would break Gabrielle’s parents’ hearts if they ever found out about her true love.

Gabrielle knew this as surely as there was blood in her veins and breath in her body. Not only was her beloved somebody completely forbidden to her by both wizarding and Muggle laws, but her mother and father adored the woman she shared her life and her bed with now, Luna Lovegood. Luna’s gentleness and whimsical nature had utterly charmed the Delacours, the same way in which they had captured Gabrielle’s attention and desire. Every invitation to Delacour family events was addressed to both Gabrielle and Luna, and Gabrielle’s lover was always treated as if she was another daughter by the delighted Monsieur and Madame Delacour, who were so overjoyed to see their youngest child settled in such a happy relationship. But deep in her heart, Gabrielle was always longing for the one who made her burn with a lust that could never be spoken of, the one who she worshipped like a goddess and would die for if that celestial one ever asked that of her.

Oh, Gabrielle loved Luna very much – she enjoyed the sensual kisses and delicate caresses that Luna’s lips and hands could provide, and she could lose herself for hours in whispered conversation about Luna’s favourite eccentricities. They shared a tender friendship that had gradually blossomed into more, ever since their meeting at the wedding of Gabrielle’s sister Fleur to Bill Weasley. Screeds of poetic love letters found their way across the ocean on the wings of tireless owls, until the joyous day when Gabrielle found work in Luna’s homeland and was able to find refuge in the warmth of Luna’s arms at last.

But it was not Luna who made her tremble on sleepless nights, or who made her ache and yearn with a passion that was literally unspeakable. Luna’s hair, soft and fragrant on the pillow beside Gabrielle’s, was the wrong shade of blonde to arouse Gabrielle’s deeper cravings. When Gabrielle closed her eyes, she imagined silken strands of the same moonlike sheen as her own; the scent of that hair was as pure as white spring roses, and Gabrielle longed to bury her face in it and moan her secret darling’s name like an incantation.

As Gabrielle had watched her sister wed another, she had struggled hard to keep a smile upon her face, and hoped against hope that the tears shining in her eyes would be mistaken for tears of joy. Jealous rage and fearsome grief seemed to be ripping her soul apart, even as she stood there clothed in gold as one of her sister’s bridesmaids.

She had idolised Fleur, placed her on a pedestal above all others since childhood, and long before the time she came of age, Gabrielle knew that she was in love with her older sister. She had fought against it, of course – incest was a terrible sin, not to mention a crime. But there was nobody else who was as glorious and as perfect, radiant and divine, as Fleur.

The mere sound of Fleur’s voice, the touch of her fingertips upon Gabrielle’s cheek were enough to drive Gabrielle mad with longing. Ever since Gabrielle had been a tiny girl, Fleur came first in her heart, even before Maman and Papa and all the angels in heaven. It had seemed blasphemous to think it at the time, but young Gabrielle would have prayed to Fleur rather than to her guardian angel if she could, for Fleur was always so courageous and so passionate, and was always there for her. Had Fleur not done her best to rescue Gabrielle from the lake at Hogwarts during the Triwizard Tournament all those years ago? It had always been a point of pride that Gabrielle had been the one chosen to help test Fleur, that she was the one person that Fleur would miss above all others. Not the girls’ beloved parents, and not some boy that Fleur had a crush on. It had always been this way, and nobody was ever going to change that. Especially not the likes of Bill Weasley.

There had always been some boy in the picture, ever since Fleur was old enough for the boys to take notice of her. It was in the nature of those with Veela blood to be almost fatally alluring, driving men to madness. Compared to what Fleur and Gabrielle had, however, the men’s devotion was as nothing. Bill was nicer than most of Fleur’s suitors, but he was just another man, Gabrielle knew. He could never take Gabrielle’s place in Fleur’s affections – not entirely. The bond between Gabrielle and Fleur was wondrous and all consuming, and would burn bright as fire long after Bill Weasley was but a memory, Gabrielle felt certain.

Gabrielle herself had never felt the urge to tempt a man. Aside from a brief hero-worship phase towards Harry Potter which she soon outgrew, the male sex never interested her. It was always other girls that drew Gabrielle’s attention and made her breathless and dizzy – and Gabrielle knew how to use her charms to attract any girl she wanted.

But even the sweetest and the prettiest girls that Gabrielle lured to her bed could not compare to Fleur.

Lying beside the sleeping Luna in their downy, pink-quilted bed, Gabrielle surreptitiously pulled up her white lace nightgown to her waist and slid a hand between her thighs, caressing her damp folds, seeking her clit with trembling fingers and whispering Fleur’s name. She remembered that last night before Fleur’s marriage, when she had shared a bed with her sister and held her so close, heartbeat to heartbeat, never wanting to let Fleur go. Her memory brought back the fragrance on Fleur’s neck, the swell of her breasts, the murmured endearments. Gabrielle shivered as her own hand brought her to the brink of climax, and she imagined that the searching, stroking fingertips that were giving her such pleasure belonged to Fleur.

She wanted so much to be in her sister’s bed at that very moment, tearing off Fleur’s negligee, kissing her so wildly that she would leave bruises on Fleur’s smooth skin, thrusting her fingers so deep into Fleur’s wetness and making her scream Gabrielle’s name aloud. Her breath quickened as she tightened into orgasm, and Luna stirred and muttered in her sleep. Gabrielle froze, guilt keeping her still and rigid until her wayward fantasies tempted her to touch herself again.

Gabrielle knew that her desires were wicked, that they were returning her to the sins of her girlhood. But she also knew that she could not deny her true love the passion that was hers by right. She was betraying her family and her lover, and all that she had been taught was good and pure from her earliest youth. But she was determined that some day she and Fleur would possess each other completely, and never be parted.
Tags: femmeslash, fic, fleur/gabrielle, harry potter
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