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Dear Yuletide Writer Letter!

Well, hello, dear Yuletide writer! Thank you for agreeing to create for me!

I know that I can be challenging to write for, but I am fairly flexible as to my likes and dislikes. I have only a few DNWs and a lot of story types that I love to read.

I do tend to prefer the shippy or pre-shippy types of story. However I enjoy a good plot too, so something along the lines of a good story with a touch of romance is also ideal in my eyes. So if you lean more towards writing the plot, and only include a little of the romance, that’s fine. I am sure I will enjoy whatever you come up with! I love strong emotional bonds between characters, discovering attractions and affection growing, and everything from complete fluff to angsty with a hurt-comfort focus and a hopeful ending. And if you don’t feel comfortable writing explicit content, the romantic side of things doesn’t have to include sex – though if you DO enjoy writing it, it’s very welcome indeed!

Things I do like in a story: fluff, romance, the deepening of emotional ties between characters, friendship becoming love, overcoming and healing from trauma with the help of a loved one (or loved ones), hurt/comfort, angsty scenarios that wind up with a happy or hopeful ending, strengthening of comradeship bonds and characters being willing to go the extra mile to help someone they care about. And dub-con situations are sometimes appropriate, especially for the American Horror Story prompts.

My hard Do Not Wants are: outright non-con, character death, unhappy endings and complete and pure angst with no hope in sight.

Now, onto the fandoms and some possible ideas you may be able to use for inspiration! The canons are listed in no particular order and I would be equally delighted to get any one of them as a story gift!

1) American Horror Story: Freak Show
Characters: Pepper, Elsa Mars, Jimmy Darling, Dandy Mott

I love this canon for a number of reasons – it’s a rattling good story with some awesome characters! Pepper is my absolute fave, so I would love her to play a large part in whatever story you might come up with. Here are some possible scenarios that might inspire you!

Pepper/Elsa Mars – Pepper was the first performer Elsa recruited for her freak show, and Elsa and Pepper are shown in canon to have grown to think of each other as family, but what if the relationship deepened? What if Pepper developed desires and needs that her “spiritual husband” Salty could not fulfil and Elsa felt it was her responsibility to take care of Pepper in that regard? How would their love blossom and grow? Would Elsa have doubts and misgivings about what she is doing, or simply enjoy a change in her relationship with Pepper? And what might Pepper’s reactions and emotional state be?

Jimmy Darling/Dandy Mott: Dandy’s fascination with the freak show performers and his early interactions with Jimmy make me wonder how these two would work as a pair. Perhaps Dandy initially purchases the services of one of the other sideshow performers – most likely Pepper since I would want her in the story - and Jimmy, horrified, offers himself instead and Dandy, highly amused, takes him up on it? Or Dandy develops some kind of interest in Jimmy and offers him an irresistible amount of money for hiring his services? And perhaps a reluctant type of affection grows between them? Perhaps in this scenario, Pepper distrusts Dandy (rightfully so) and wants to get her friend Jimmy out of there? Maybe she has some untapped power or supernatural intervention that she can call on, since such things are common in the AHS-verse! 

2) Freaks (1932)
Characters: Schlitzie, Phroso, Elvira (Pinhead Zip), Jenny Lee (Pinhead Pip)

I adore this beautiful old cult classic – so many fascinating characters, and a story that is not so much for me a morality or horror tale, but a slice of life where circus and sideshow folk go about their daily lives, find love, and deal with various challenges.

Phroso/Schlitze - I see Phroso/Schlitzie (or Schlitze, I am fine with either spelling variant) as being a tender, old-fashioned romance-style relationship, so would prefer a delicate, innocent love story here (the kisses and flowers and handholding type), and NOT PWP! And I am fine with whatever pronouns you, if writing, want to use for Schlitzie, although the movie tends to use “she” and “her” (if you want to stick to movie canon in your method of writing). I tend to view Schlitzie as transgender or gender-fluid (in RL and the film, s/he was very fond of dresses and feminine finery and was always ecstatic when given new ones). Do feel free to include other characters from the movie in the story too, I love them all – even the horrible villains are fascinating! Especially I’d love my other nominated characters, Elvira and Jenny Lee (AKA Pinheads Zip and Pip) playing a large part in the story. Possible (very optional) storylines could include:

a) Schlitzie, Elvira and Jenny Lee somehow help Phroso out with his clown act, and bonding develops, especially between Phroso and Schlitzie.
b) Phroso takes Schlitzie and their friends Elvira and Jenny Lee shopping in Paris, or for a picnic, or some other outing
c) Phroso has to protect Schlitzie, Elvira and Jenny Lee against some kind of threat, possibly from the story’s villains or from hostile members of the circus audience or the townspeople where the circus is visiting.

3) Planet of the Apes Movies (2011, 2014)
Characters: Caesar, Koba
This fandom and pairing has recently become a near-obsession! I am particularly drawn to the character of Koba and all that he has endured – he is a complex character with both horrific flaws and many redeeming features. He turned from an innocent victim into a villain due to his hatred for humans and all the terrible wrongs they had done him, but I believe there was a time when he was happy, especially those 10 years between Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. He was devoted to his leader Caesar then and wanted to please him, before the canon of “Dawn” when he turned against Caesar and everything went to hell. I also wouldn't mind seeing Cornelia included in the story somewhere - she is an amazing character and I don't think the films ever quite did her justice!

Some ideas: perhaps something set in that period between the two films, the happy times when Koba trusted Caesar and wanted to make him proud. It could be something to do with a brotherly-type love that deepens – the scarred Koba would likely associate touch with pain due to his sufferings at the hands of humans, but Caesar could persuade him to accept physical affection again (which does not have to include sex, but I will not object if it does, and Caesar re-awakens Koba’s bonobo passions!) Or another idea could be a canon divergent theme set after “Dawn” , maybe – instead of letting Koba fall to his death, Caesar decides to go with the “Koba belong in cage” theme and confine him for his crimes. While Koba is imprisoned, he would probably have to be restrained to stop him self-harming (which he was known to do in captivity, including pulling out his own fur), and Caesar would probably be one of the few visitors he has and feel compassion for him. As he tries to rehabilitate Koba, Caesar would realize he still loves him, and perhaps may end up allowing him some limited freedoms, such as being outside while led on a leash (Koba on a leash – mind-blowingly hot in itself!!!) There would necessarily be angst here, but I would like the ending to at least be a hopeful one. And please note I do NOT want any AUs where the characters are human - I want them to stay apes, please!

4) Planet of the Apes (TV Series)

Characters: Galen, Alan Virdon, Pete Burke

This canon is a childhood favorite of mine, only recently re-discovered! I always enjoyed the adventures portrayed in this series when I was younger, and now in later years I have come to OT3 Galen/Virdon/Burke!

Some ideas: Galen is my favorite character so I would like him to play a large part in the story or perhaps have it be from his point of view. Something focusing on a hurt/comfort theme, overcoming trauma and strong emotional bonds between the three characters would be amazing. Perhaps someone surviving a brush with death, a terrifying encounter with an antagonist (very likely Urko) or something similar might be a good plot. Something that would leave one of the characters in a traumatized state so that the others would have to provide reassurance, comfort, and hopefully a love that would deepen in a romantic sense (sex, of course, is not compulsory to include, but if you are a writer who enjoys writing OT3 sex scenes, you are most welcome to include it!) Angst is OK for this one, but as stated earlier I would want an ending that is at least hopeful, as sad endings are a DNW.

Yours appreciatively,
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