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Gabba Gabba Hey!

Schlitzie Ramone
11 January 1968
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  • sweetcarolanne@livejournal.com
This is mostly a fandom journal - for fics, memes, musing on muses and other such.

I hail from Auckland, New Zealand, and respond to Schlitzie, Carol Anne, Gabe, Kitty, Zoya, Kraken and a few other names as well, pretty much anything except "f... off" and "late for dinner"! I'm a feminist with disabilities, pro-social justice but NOT fond of internet SJWs!!!

I'm an Ozzy/Black Sabbath, Misfits and Ramones fan, quite crazy about circuses, sideshows, pinheads, roller derby, Hello Kitty, Alice in Wonderland and Cthulhu. I write in a variety of fandoms - got a preference, just ask, and I might be able to squeeze it in there for ya! <3

My fic styles: slash, femslash, het, and even a little gen!!!

I welcome readers, discussion and new friends.

I do not welcome trolling, spamming and flaming. Anyone who does that will be banhammered immediately.

My friending/defriending policy is simple: I don't do flist-cuts. I'll only defriend someone if they defriend me first or delete their journal. Or on the rare occasions when it's personal - but it almost never is.

I'll friend pretty much anyone who friends me, as long as you don't appear to be a troll or serial adder. If I friend you first, it's because I've noticed we have interests in common, not for any creepy reasons.

I am, of course, well over 18 years of age.

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adult adhd, albinism, alice in wonderland, american horror story, angels, anti-censorship, anubis, apes, ariel, b-grade horror movies, baby jane, batman/joker, bela lugosi, ben linus, ben/locke, biblical slash, bill ward, black sabbath, bonobos, caesar, caesar/koba, captain jack sparrow, carl mccoy, carol anne, cats, cephalopods, cesare borgia, circuses, claudia, cthulhu, cthulhu mythos, davy jones, doyle, elvis presley, erotic horror, etsy, fairies, female divinity, femdom, femmeslash, fields of the nephilim, fiends, fleur/gabrielle, freaks, freddy krueger, freddy/jason, free speech, friday the 13th, gabrielle delacour, gay rights, geezer butler, ghouls, ginny/gabrielle, glenn danzig, h.p. lovecraft, harry potter, heather o'rourke, hello cthulhu, hello kitty, herbert west, horror movies, idh-yaa, jason voorhees, jerry only, jigsaw, joey ramone, john kramer, john locke, john/amanda/zep, john/zep, joseph curwen, kate bush, king kong, kittens, koba, kraken, let_the_right_one_in, lolita fashion, lorna doone, lost, lovecraftian horror, lucifer/gabriel, lucius malfoy, lucius/macnair, luna/gabrielle, mermaids, michael emerson, michael/gabriel, misfits, monsters, moodyslash, nightmare on elm street, obsessive-compulsive disorder, octopi, otherkin, ozzy osbourne, pamela voorhees, pamela/jason, pepper, pinheads, pirates of the caribbean, planet of the apes, poltergeist, ponyo, ramones, randolph carter, rarepairs, re-animator, richard upton pickman, roller derby, samara, saw, scary little girls, schlitzie, serj tankian, shonen knife, shriekback, sideshows, silas, silas/aringarosa, skulls, slash fanfiction, slytherin, squid, system of a down, tangina, tentacle sex, tentacles, the archangel gabriel, the borgias, the corpse bride, the cramps, the jigsaw killer, the joker, the little mermaid, the ramones, the ring, the undead, thor/loki, tobin bell, tonks/gabrielle, tony iommi, vintage, walden macnair, whip it, white hair, women, zep hindle, zippy the pinhead, zombies